November 28, 2023


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Wrexham Solar firm on a mission to reduce carbon emissions

A growing solar panel and EV charger business launched at the beginning of the pandemic are on a mission to reduce carbon emissions one business at a time.

R-EV Power began offering EV chargers in early 2020 when Vaughn Rawson saw a gap in the market. Vaughn himself was looking to get workplace EV chargers installed during the lockdown but was coming up against a few obstacles.
Sales of EV chargers took off aided by government grants available to help households and companies cut the cost of installing.

With more and more companies looking to cut fuel bills and become greener it was the perfect opportunity.

This led to Managing Director Vaughn employing 6 dedicated members of staff to help run the business.

R-EV Power has a long list of big names under their belt on the Wrexham Industrial Estate, these have all chosen to use a local company to install their EV chargers. Wockhart Pharmaceutical is one of these, they opted for multiple EV chargers, getting 4 7kW single sockets and 2 7kW twin socket EV chargers installed, all have been set up for use by staff and visitors.

Other customers on Wrexham Industrial Estate include JCB Continental, Limpet Labels, V4B, Ash Waste, Hoya Lens and Bryn Roberts Workshop to name but a few.

Vaughn said “After the huge success we had with EV chargers on the industrial estate and surrounding areas, it seemed like a natural progression to expand into other renewable solutions such as solar panels, battery storage and infrared heating.

We are also looking to develop this further and expand into air source heat pumps and wind turbines in the near future”

This was where Rawson Solar – – was born. Headed up by Vaughn’s daughter Millie Rawson and her partner Gregg White, along with 4 other dedicated individuals. They are a team looking to take on the mission to reduce carbon emissions in and around the Wrexham area.

“We hope to see real growth in this area with renewable energy and electric vehicles having really started to take off with the 2050 net zero targets in place.”

“We created Rawson Solar in early 2022 and have already installed over 10,000 solar panels on homes and businesses in and around the Wrexham area, we only see this side of the business getting busier and busier.”

A recent install completed by the Rawson Solar team is at Limpet Labels on the Wrexham Industrial Estate, which is just around the corner.

Limpet Labels approached Rawson Solar looking to reduce their electricity usage and cut carbon emissions. Having already had 3 EV chargers installed by R-EV Power, they wanted to use solar power generated by the new solar panel array to charge their electric fleet and power their manufacturing and offices.