April 21, 2024

Mum celebrates as floristry business blooms through pandemic

A MUM is celebrating her business flourishing after seeing it grow throughout pandemic.

Claire Lester has found that her floristry business, Claire’s Floristry, has bloomed throughout the pandemic as people have been sending bouquets to loved ones that they’re unable to see during lockdown.

Claire has created arrangements for lots of unique reasons over the last 10 months, including virtual baby showers and has even taken orders from people living in Australia with family in Portsmouth.

She said: ‘I’ve definitely found that people have been using flowers as a way to tell people they love them or miss them.

‘Lots of people have had birthdays, anniversaries etc and haven’t been able to celebrate so they’ve been sending flowers instead.

‘Sadly there’s also been many people losing loved ones, so lots of people have been using flowers as a way to tell people they’re thinking of them.’

Claire, who is the preferred supplier of Portsmouth Football Club, runs her business from a converted caravan in her parents’ front garden in Bedhampton, alongside home-schooling her son.

She originally used her parent’s old kitchen at the back of their house, but since being unable to mix households due to lockdown, she decided to turn an old caravan into her own floristry workshop.

All of her designs are completely eco-friendly and use paper instead of cellophane wrapping, and she avoids using plastic ribbon.

Claire said: ‘I always try to be different and stand out. I do what I can to try and be as sustainable as possible and to also support local businesses, for example I sell token £5 wraps, so people are more inclined to come to me rather than just grab flowers from a supermarket.

‘I also use vases to replace packaging wherever possible so I produce as little waste as I can.’

She also launched a second business, The Boozy Florist, in January 2020, with her business partner Jade Scotney.

Originally, the pair hosted in-person workshops for adults, where they’d provide alcoholic drinks and flowers for groups to create their own arrangements as a different style of party or get-together.

The workshops were held outdoors when they were able to be, but are now on hold until restrictions ease, meaning they can resume.