May 26, 2024

Life & weight loss coach on a mission to encourage women to love themselves first & raise money for charity

In a bid to get more women to ‘Love Themselves First’ this February, leading mindset and weight loss coach, Clair Mackenzie aka ‘The Weight Loss Whisperer’ is on a mission to get as many women as possible globally to share ‘#ILoveMyselfFirst’ across their social media on International Day of Self Love, 13th February.

For every picture Clair is tagged in (Instagram: @clairmackenzieuk, Facebook @thebestyoucoach) she commits to donating to UK charity ‘BEAT Eating Disorders’.

As part of her mission Clair is also sharing her knowledge via ‘The Weight Loss Whisperer Couch’ which she is taking on tour to online communities across the internet providing free advice and guidance through her talk ‘Love Yourself First’, as she champions her message of the importance around learning to love who you are and accepting your body, before moving onto any weight loss goals.

Clair wants to significantly improve the physical and mental health of the 60% women who state they are unhappy with their weight, empowering them to create a positive relationship with food and themselves so they can ditch yo-yo diets, and self-sabotaging beliefs that hold them back, and move forward with stronger self-worth.

Research undertaken by the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee last year found that COVID-19 has negatively affected body image with 53% of adults reported feeling worse or much worse about their bodies during 2020 lockdown and 58% of those under 18 reporting the same.

In 2019, Mental Health UK reported that one in five adults (20%) felt shame, just over one third (34%) felt down or low, and 19% had felt disgusted because of their body image in the past year and that over one third of adults said they have felt anxious (34%) or depressed (35%) because of their body image and one in eight (13%) have experienced suicidal thoughts because of concerns about their body image

Clair’s mission is to empower more women create a relationship with food and themselves that they love, so that they can lose their weight for the last time and get on with living the life they were meant for. Clair is vocal about everything that is wrong with the diet & food industry, and outdated approaches to weight loss, which have a 98% failure rate.

Clair said, ‘I want to empower women to create a loving relationship with food and themselves that is all about nourishment, self-care and optimal emotional and physical wellbeing’. Most women know how they want to be eating to be healthy but do not have the tools to unwind decades of damaging, societal and cultural standards that is creates unhealthy emotional relationships with food and themselves.

It’s important for me to share my knowledge to women across the UK who are suffering because of their weight, so that they can quieten their diet demons and learn to embrace kinder self-talk and approach their wellness and weight loss with clarity, confidence and calm.

The supportive shoulder, the educated big sister, Clair empowers female professionals & entrepreneurs to love themselves first combining extensive years of experience and health, life and weight coaching certifications with her own weight loss and personal development journey, having lost her weight for the last time after retraining her brain to recalibrate her relationship with food.

She is now on a mission to ‘pass it on’ to create a ripple effect across the wider female population within the UK, so others can learn sustainable skills for life rather than stressfully bouncing from one diet disaster to another.

Only six years ago, mum of two, Clair MacKenzie, 46 from Warwickshire was morbidly obese – Clair struggled daily; her asthma was worsening, her hormones were unbalanced, and she was in chronic pain with her joints which had already led to her having to have a hip replacement during her thirties.

Then shortly after her 40th birthday, Clair had decided to give weight loss another go and as she slowly started to feel fitter and healthier, Clair stumbled upon a mindset podcast and enrolled onto an online coaching programme that helped her start to understand the cause of her overeating and how to manage her mindset and end her emotional eating habitual pattern once and for all. Clair lost six stone and not only transformed her weight but her health and life. She is now the Founder of TheBestYou.Coach – helping hundreds of other women globally to lose weight and live their best life – just like she did.  Clair is on a mission to help female professionals and entrepreneurs in their 40s and 50s free their food frustrations and step out of the shame of their weight struggles.

Today, Clair is at her healthiest, fittest, and happiest.  She knows how to manage her eating for life, she still enjoys food, she has strategies in place and feels so much happier and healthier and really likes her-self.

Clair has been featured on BBC radio, and in various publications. She’s also host of the Lose Weight. Live Life. podcast (

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