May 23, 2024

Hartserver launches its Beta Club to shape the future of hosting

Hartserver has launched its exclusive Beta Club, a chance for developers, programmers and anyone else interested in web to join a one-off program to shape the future of hosting.

Too many web hosts use off the shelf billing and hosting control panels, including the widely renowned cPanel. As feature-packed as some of these are, they don’t really tend to cater to the exact needs of the end users who use them daily, and usually do not integrate well with the other systems already in place from hosting providers. We are looking to change this by building a combined platform from the ground up that will manage everything in one easy-to-use platform, taking suggestions and ideas directly from our Beta Club members.

Just 1,000 spaces are available, with each costing a one-off £50. Members will receive 100GB of disk space on the new platform free for the first year (worth over £190), with heavily discounted services available after. Beta Club members will also receive exclusive merchandise, support, and access to our Discord server to collaborate with other Beta Club members. Priority will also be given to buy shares in our future limited company incorporation, something which won’t be available to anyone else.

Anyone who is interested in joining Beta Club can do so today at

Hartserver has been hosting websites since 2004, first as a reseller and now on their own infrastructure. Beta Club will ensure we can grow our hosting products to suit the needs of those who use them daily.