May 23, 2024

Online Affiliate Marketing Continues to Thrive: An Interview with Megaways Casino

The pandemic crisis has resulted in a huge boom for lots of online businesses and marketplaces. Lockdown protocols in the United Kingdom continue to impact land-based businesses, but online only companies are, for the most part, thriving. Aside from the huge profits that the biggest online marketplaces such as Amazon have raked in, small online shops are managing to attract more customers using SEO marketing during a period where much of the worlds population is in-doors and on the internet. Affiliate businesses in particular have been able to make the most out of increased internet and smartphone use during the pandemic.

SME Business News spoke to the online affiliate site Megaways.Casino who were able to talk us through online casino affiliate marketing in 2020.

SME: Could you describe to our readers exactly what online affiliate marketing entails please?

Megaways Casino: Affiliate marketing is a little bit like being the middleman between a customer and the seller of a product. For the most part, affiliate websites do their upmost to review products whilst trying to ensure that the customer gets the best value for their money. Affiliate marketers attract customers to their websites using a variety of techniques and then basically try to sell the customer a product owned by a second party. When affiliate marketing works successfully, the customer is happy as they receive their product, the seller of the product is happy as they earn money from the sale and affiliate sites are happy as they receive a share of the profit.

SME: Which products and sellers does Megaways Casino work with?

Megaways Casino: Our Megaways site is an iGaming affiliate and review site. Our Niche revolves around online slot games – Megaways slots. So, we work with online casinos and send the traffic we receive to them. We are working towards being the go-too-site for anything Megaways slots related. We consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to Megaways slot games. You will find on our site reviews of each Megaways slot game (there are over 100 of them) as well as the best UK casino sites which host Megaways slot machines. Megaways Casino attracts visitors from all over the world, so we really are a multinational website.

SME: How do you persuade internet users to visit Megaways Casino?

Megaways Casino: Since our business is 100% online orientated, we use search engine optimisation techniques to bring customers to our site. These techniques revolve around attempting to make Megaways Caisno rank as high as possible on the Google search engine for key words closely related to our niche. For example, if a user searches Goole for ‘Megaways Casino’, the user will see our website as the number one search result. The Google search algorithm constantly crawls websites to judge which sites should rank at the top for certain searches. Essentially, we must persuade Google that our Megaways site is superior to others – if we do this then a greater number of customers will see us in search results and will then visit our site. When a visitor does land on our site, it is our job to ensure they are happy with the product we offer. We do this by making sure that our Megaways content is world class and up to date. We are constantly updating the site and improving it. It is also imperative that we have a large selection of online casino operators to offer our customers. Like any business, the customer’s happiness is our number one priority.

SME: How has business been since the pandemic began?

Megaways Casino: First of all, we would like to state that the pandemic has been probably the worst experience of many peoples lives and we really hope the world returns to normal again soon. As for business, of course, with more people being indoors and surfing the internet, we have had an upturn in our traffic trend. With that being said, the trend has not been as significant as you would think. We do not offer our customers necessities like Amazon offer. Megaways Casino offers players the chance to play casino games. With the amount of job losses brought by the pandemic, many people cannot afford to spend their time or money playing online Megaways slots. But certainly, almost all online businesses are thriving during these uncertain times.

SME: Are there lots of different affiliate marketers in the casino gaming niche?

Megaways Casino: The market is certainly competitive and brings many challenges. The UK online casino market is probably the most competitive in the world. Although we do operate in the UK, we have branched out and we can now proudly state that we offer our product to over 30 different countries. This means that whilst we might be competing with 20 different affiliate sites in the UK for one keyword, we may only have five competitors in Canada for the same keyword.

SME: How did you learn about online affiliate marketing? Can anyone do it?

Megaways Casino: Absolutely! If you are willing to learn how to create a website (or if you already know how to create a website) then it is simple. Set up a website in your desired niche, make some contacts with product owners (or in our case casino operators) and you can call yourself an affiliate marketer. The hardest part is competing with other sites and ensuring that your product is better than their product is in both Google’s and your customer’s’ eyes. Depending on which niche you decide to operate in, there are also outside rules which you will often have to adhere to. For example, gambling affiliate sites in the UK must adhere to terms set by the online gambling watchdog – The United Kingdom Gambling Commission. A lot of work goes into maintaining and building a successful online affiliate site – it certainly is not easy, if it were then everyone would be doing it!

SME: Thanks a lot for speaking with us and we wish you all the best for the future!

Megaways Casino: You’re welcome! Good luck to you too.

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