May 23, 2024

New video-based social media platform YurOn growing faster than YouTube

New video-based social media platform YurOn is growing so fast that it has already eclipsed YouTube when it was at the same stage, with more video creation per user – and now it’s letting users own a part of it through

YurOn is a new type of video-based social media platform that connects people in a way that is collaborative, authentic, and curiosity-driven. It’s the remedy for relentless and unfulfilling scrolling, vanity metrics, and hiding behind fake names and text comments.

In just a few short months since its launch earlier this year, YurOn has attracted over 5k users, who spend more time on YurOn than Twitter per day and have already created over 5,000 videos with 100,000 views – more than YouTube at the same stage of its growth.

On YurOn it all starts with a question, which anyone in the YurOn community can reply to, creating a collaborative video thread. Thousands of people from different walks of life – drag queens, mountaineers, activists – have thirty seconds to ignite a conversation, start an Ask Me Anything or co-create a skit.

There are no filters, vanity metrics or validation-driven algorithms. Instead, YurOn thrives off authenticity which encourages people – not hollow profiles – to connect.

YurOn is also developing new ways for video creators to monetise their threads, with a tipping feature and purchasable exclusive content.

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