April 20, 2024

Bounce Business Leader Focused on Helping Employ the Unemployed

As the UK employment market continues to buckle under the Coronavirus strain, and the knock on effect of unemployment in the retail, hospitality, travel and leisure sectors is being felt by tens of thousands of families across the country, a business from Kent which focuses on providing employment for the unemployed, has committed to investing £145K (pa) in providing new opportunities, this week releasing 5,000 new job opportunities to be filled before Christmas.

Bounce, the UK’s fastest growing insurance referral network ranked in the top 100 best start up’s over the past 5 years, is ready to do its bit to boost the UK economy.  With a management team made up of a founder and family man who has built several businesses and lost some, ridden multiple recessions and been a 7-figure earner and the Bounce team, which is currently made up of over 5,000 mums, affectionately called “Bouncers”, who have themselves overcome their own challenges to now be financially independent, Bounce is a business passionate about helping others find ways of generating income, alongside family commitments.

Their ‘hybrid’ job roles are perfectly suited to parents who have lost their jobs, had their hours cut, or need to return to work from being a stay at home parent to consider a new way of working.

Bounce Founder, Ashley Reading, 51, believes that it’s time for individuals to take back some control over their lives and futures and feels passionately that his business can play a large role in this.

Ashley, who gained his business degree in the USA, and established Bounce in 2016 having worked for years in the financial services sector, both employed and as an entrepreneur has had his fair share of challenges in life.  He founded this business following his own ‘bounce back’ from gargantuan failures which took him from a 7-figure income with a business empire, multiple properties globally, a football club in his portfolio and celebrity friends to becoming homeless and jobless and in a deep depression but of this journey he says ‘my life began when I lost everything it taught me humility and changed me as a person – its made me the man I am today.”  

Ashley talks about being too complacent when he had it all, not planning properly for the future and not protecting his income and assets – all things he is now keen to encourage others to do. Over time Ashley regained his drive, determination and belief in himself and found his focus – a business dedicated to helping people live longer, happier, healthier and better protected lives and the rest is history….Bounce was born.

Along with the job opportunity itself, Bounce also invest in; training, personal development, and benefits for their team, but also offer autonomy in their roles and uncapped earning potential  – providing something of a hybrid role spanning employment and self-employment. Offering career transition coaching as part of their on-boarding, as well as confidence coaching and emotional wellbeing support for anyone who wants it, Bounce is committed to helping build back up those who have lost their confidence and self worth through losing their jobs, and their income, so they can move forward again alongside supporting parents who hadn’t planned to return to work, but who now find themselves not having a choice.

Providing a supportive environment of collaboration and learning, the team hopes to unite to create a mini economy that will support at least 5,000 more families.

Ashley is also keen to do his bit to protect his team members during Covid and protect the NHS too. As part of their extended benefits package, all qualifying ‘Bouncers’ will get PMI, which sees them being able to get referred to see a private consultant, by using an app; with no need to make an appointment to see their GP and with a choice of which private hospital suits them. The policy also includes mental illness cover, something Ashley believes to be paramount, particularly in these uncertain times. He said: “The basic principles of our business are all focused around protecting people and as it stands, with our existing network, I estimate we can save the NHS around £5million every year* through this provision.