December 3, 2023


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Elite Business Live goes virtual – e-meet with some of the biggest names in British business

Elite Business Live, the national business advice and networking event, has just announced its plans to take their annual event online. On the 11th and 12th March 2021, entrepreneurs from across the nation can interact with some of the leading names in British SMEs, via a live stream service that is available completely free of charge.

CE Marketing Group Ltd (CEMG), the team behind the popular event, has committed to delivering the same standard of insight and business start-up advice, whilst bearing in mind the safety and wellbeing of all speakers and guests.

“To make sure attendees feel as safe as possible, it was crucial that we shifted our plans to deliver the entire event digitally,” said Scott English, Brand Director for CEMG. “Whilst it’s a real shame that we won’t get to meet with our guests in person, we’ve established a whole host of ways to ensure the event is as seamless and successful as it has been for the last seven years. We’re excited to announce some incredible speakers and panellists, who will be offering insightful advice via digital livestream before making themselves available for Q&A sessions.”

Josh Wintersgill, founder and director of Able Move, is one of the panellists speaking at the event. He will be part of the commercial business growth panel and will be advising attendees on how to access the required funding to successfully launch a new enterprise. Josh’s product, the easyTravelseat, was born from his frustration of flying abroad. Having been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at 18 months old, he has been a full-time powered wheelchair-user since the age of 10.

“Essentially, my product makes the travelling process more seamless and dignified for anyone with a disability or poor mobility,” explained Josh. “In late 2018, my concept won the UK Disabled Entrepreneurs Award – an annual event that grants funding to disabled entrepreneurs – run by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation. The award win came with a £30,000 grant and the opportunity to work with one of the most famous investors in the world; Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyJet. Since then, Stelios has invested additional funding into the business and has supported me throughout the initial 18 months of having my product on the market.

 “Without the guidance and additional investment, I’m unsure as to how Able Move would have survived the economic challenges the nation has faced this year. All brands have had to think smarter, pivot their business offerings and revisit their systems and processes; Able Move included. Events like Elite Business Live are more crucial now than ever before. I’m looking forward to being able to give guidance to others just starting out with a new venture – it is thanks to the innovation and resourcefulness of SME owners that our economy will be able to bounce back.”

Victoria Prew, CEO and co-founder of HURR, the UK’s leading peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform, will also be sharing her expertise during the two-day event. The entrepreneur came up with the concept with business partner Matthew Geleta in 2017.

“We’re living in the era of the rental revolution, which has become even more evident in 2020 – we rent our homes, our cars, so why not our clothes? Consumers don’t always have the disposable income to invest in high-end fashion pieces and with limited social events during lockdown, they’re looking for a smarter and more sustainable way to shop. Whilst HURR experienced a dip in rentals during the pandemic, it saw record listings and engagement as sustainability continues to take centre stage with the millennial generation. I’m keen to share with other business owners the impact of really knowing your customer base and how to pivot brand messaging during a crisis. In this new economy, to survive is to thrive – Elite Business Live is a great place to find out how to do just that,” said Victoria. 

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