May 23, 2024

Cancer skincare company is giving away ‘Ten Thousand Gifts’ to patients following recent investment

Jennifer Young, which recently received new investment from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) West Midlands Equity Fund, is gifting 10,000 skincare products from her Beauty Despite Cancer range in support of UK cancer patients and small charities throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this October. Over the past few weeks, the organisation has been asking people to nominate their favourite small charities, hospices and cancer support groups, through which they will give away the  natural products.

Those being treated for, living with or recovering from cancer will know finding the right skincare can be an additional source of anxiety during an already trying time. Finding products that can help to calm the side effects that some cancer treatments may have on the skin can be difficult, especially given the increased skin sensitivity chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause.

Recent Challenges

Many charities’ fundraising efforts have been affected by the restrictions enlisted to prevent spread of the coronavirus. The ‘Ten Thousand Gifts’ project will not only provide those who deserve it with high-quality products but will raise awareness for charitable causes across the country.

The initiative brings attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, taking place across the UK during October. And, although this message has always been a vital one, it becomes all the more poignant following a recent survey conducted by Breast Cancer Now which found that almost one million British women have missed a screening appointment due to the threat of COVID-19, which in turn could lead to thousands of undetected cases.

The effects of the pandemic also go beyond that of physical health. The current situation is having a significant impact on the emotional wellbeing of the nation too, and with much of the cancer community choosing to self-isolate, the project not only aims to generate much-needed awareness but also seeks to lift the spirits of those facing these huge life challenges.

The Company

Jennifer realised her passion for working with cancer patients when her local NHS hospital invited her to meet those going through treatment. Since then, Jennifer has created more than 300 specialist products to calm the effects of cancer treatment on the skin, available through The Midlands-based company is now known for its pioneering development of new products that are gentle and luxurious..

The Giveaway

Products included in the giveaway are the Defiant Beauty Nail Oil (4g) and the Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm (15g). The Defiant Beauty Nail Oil is a gentle, moisturising oil designed to care for brittle nails caused by the effects of cancer treatment. Meanwhile, the Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm is a gentle multi-tasking balm that acts as a hand mask, nail moisturiser and a hand cream to soothe and restore the skin.

Jennifer, says: “Everything we do at Jennifer Young and Beauty Despite Cancer, is about supporting individuals each day of their cancer experience.Reducing skin irritation and soreness, creating nurturing rituals from everyday routines and giving a sense of restoration are invaluable when you’re experiencing something as challenging as cancer and cancer treatment. Knowing that options are available and that you are not alone, can make a huge difference to how someone feels. Independent charities, hospices and support organisations are incredibly important in delivering that message of care and community, which is why we aim to provide sustainable support to them as well in the work that we do. It is important to us that the charities we help are those that reflect the experiences of our customers, and this month is an opportunity to celebrate that connected support network between products, charities and clients.”

Charity Service Manager for Something To Look Forward To, Francesca Arbury, says: “It’s amazing for people to receive things that will boost their emotional health, make them look and feel better but also because we know as a charity how badly people have been affected by the pandemic, and especially the cancer community. With delays and cancellations, screenings, treatments, surgery, a lot of strain has been put on people, they are scared and are feeling low. More than that finances may be tough and life’s little luxuries that some people may see it as, may no longer be affordable now. So ‘Ten Thousand Gifts’ is going to be so so popular!”

You can watch the full video, and hear other testimonials here.