April 20, 2024

Entrepreneur helps businesses to grow as she uses lockdown to help others

An entrepreneur is helping other businesses to grow after she sees her own business grow five-fold during lockdown.

Victoria Prince, who runs independent marketing firm Touchpoints Marketing, nearly saw her business go bust as work dried up due to the current coronavirus pandemic. However, the entrepreneur turned her skills to helping others and is now seeing sales 5 times her pre-COVID-19 high as she supports businesses with big ambitions to realise their dreams.

“Launching a business is difficult at any time but now more than ever businesses of all sizes are having to think about how they market themselves and adapt their offer to the changing climate,” says Victoria.

“By sharing the tried and tested techniques which have seen my businesses grow it is great to see so many individuals forging their own way in business.”

Victoria, who is based in Mansfield in the Midlands, formerly set up the UKs first vegan snack kit – Energy Ball Recipes from her kitchen table and took the brand from launch at Kickstarter to selling at Selfridges within a year.

She is now offering extra support to businesses and graduates looking to set up their own firm by replicating the successful model for others.

Previously offering 121 coaching support which saw some businesses grow their revenue ten-fold, Victoria recently adapted the support to create a series of online courses which offer a step by step guide to marketing to the right audience and boosting sales.

In just six months over 66 people have accessed the course and benefited from her first hand advice with graduates even going on to start their own business.

Raj Taak, who graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2017, lost his job earlier this year due to the coronavirus outbreak and used Victoria’s Marketing Mavericks course to set up his own independent business Taak Marketing.

He now has an established marketing firm and within two months of setting up is already drawing in his first clients.

He said: “Despite having sound marketing theory and knowledge gained from my degree, I needed a helping hand to build on my confidence in order to take the plunge.

“The course videos and business tips provided me with the confidence and know how I needed to go self-employed.”

Touchpoint Marketing’s Marketing MOT and Marketing Mavericks provide everything from basic legal and set up details to a step by step breakdown of current marketing practices and how they can be adapted to create results.

“I just think there is a real need for businesses to adapt in the current climate,” said Victoria. “By moving to offer online support which people can access in their own time it has made a real difference.

“Unfortunately as businesses we all need to be looking at doing things slightly differently and I hope these online courses will help more people access the support they need.”

More information including a free consultation is available at www.touchpointsmarketing.co.uk with all of the business support courses available at https://vip.touchpointsmarketing.co.uk/.