July 20, 2024

Northwest Business Startup Launches Property Search Portal For Investors

Building the world’s most intelligent property platform is the long term vision of this new portal entering the market, with the first phase recently released, having been in development since 2019.

The first phase starts with property search, designed by investors for investors, driven by data and using intelligent search, sort, filters where buyers can choose from over 100,000+ properties for sale.

There is also a unique research section as a buyer (or seller) you can research any residential property in the UK and find data on the property and local location in seconds, for free.

property xyz was set up in Sept 2019 and has two Co-Founders.

Robert Jones & Dr Simone Di Cola.

Simone has extensive technical experience as a Software Engineer, holding a first honor BSc, MSc and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, with a proven experience of a wealth of programming languages, concepts & technologies.

Robert has a background in the property space, having purchased his first buy to let in 2005, worked for Beresford Adams/Countrywide in 2006/07 and then went self employed to build a property portfolio and help investors around the world buy UK property.

The idea for property xyz came from Robert growing a property media business since 2012, Property Investments UK, the learnings from this company growth showed there was a clear need for more clarity and simplicity around property finding and using technology and data to help the process.

Currently property investors and sellers of valuable housing stock are often poorly served by the existing sales portals; with one of the more prominent issues being a lack of clear market data to accompany property listings.

The property portals, while they serve the investor market, lean towards homeowners and as such do not dwell on the information that investors find most useful: yield, capital growth, market activity; to name but a few important data-categories.

Investors are left to research local markets, themselves and while the information they need is mostly out there, they must spend a lot of valuable time making notes, analysing heatmaps and building out detailed spreadsheets, to determine where to look for the best properties, for the right kind of tenant, that will fit their budget and chosen strategy.

Enter property xyz: a property platform made by investors, for investors.

Robert Jones explains that “finding information about local market data to make better decisions is often complex, and as an investor, myself, I spend a great deal of time with my own documents and charts. With the growth of technology and access to data now is the perfect time to create a new property search portal from the ground up specifically designed for investor property buyers, and sellers. There’s a ready market of property investors that are a perfect fit for sellers that wish to sell fast and without hassle”

As a proptech startup, property xyz is data focussed. The goal – as Carly Fiorina (ex CEO of Hewlett-Packard) once defined it –

“is to turn data into information, and information into insight”.

For more information visit: https://property.xyz