June 14, 2024

Leeds based DUSK is celebrating a surge in popularity on the back of smashing targets and reaching 100,000 Instagram followers.

The luxury bedding company enlisted the help of brand-led digital agency Ponderosa in June this year to take their following up to 100,000 of engaged accounts.

With over 130 million people tapping on Instagram posts every month to shop and 83% users using the platform to find new products Instagram was at the heart of their campaign brief. As Danielle Startin, Head of Social for Ponderosa explains.

“The brief was to develop the brand’s organic social presence, to drive increased reach and engagement – especially on Instagram – with a target to grow the following from 60k followers to 100k by the end of 2020.”

And, just three months later, they are celebrating smashing the milestone and reaping the benefits of this increased, engaged and relevant following thanks to an innovative interactive Insta-story journey.

“For a brand like DUSK – which has grown their brand through paid social and digital media – being able to build their organic social presence and start to tell more of their brand story is key for long term brand value.” Said Danielle.

“The campaign engaged with the DUSK audience and took them on an interactive journey through which they ‘built’ their dream bedroom. Questions included whether they preferred soft or hard pillows, choosing bedlinen and layering. At the end of the questions an image was created of their dream bedroom. For a chance to win their dream DUSK bedroom they had to share the image on their Insta-stories.” She added.

Chris Hopkins, Head of Brand at DUSK:  “We’re excited to have worked with Ponderosa Agency on an innovative campaign and celebrate hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram.

“We’ve been working closely with Ponderosa on our overall social strategy, and have seen continued commercial growth through the channel. This campaign is definitely something very new and ‘out there’ but it looked absolutely fantastic and it worked!”

Danielle added: “To hit a target set for the end of 2020 in half the time is testament to all teams involved – and being able to see the real impact on the business is fantastic.”