July 21, 2024

Britain’s Top Motivational Speaker’s Mission To Help Start Up Entrepreneurs Fly not Flop Under Covid Pressure

Almost five new online businesses were started every day during the peak of the coronavirus lockdown, an increase of 60 percent (Ref startups.co.uk– but how likely are these businesses to succeed?

This month, Britain’s No1 Motivational Speaker and Business Expert Brad Burton is on mission to share some real talk and use his unique motivational style to supercharge small business owners with advice and guidance covering mindset, marketing and growth strategies -which have seen him become a £million business owner, from starting his business whilst delivering pizza and in £25,000 debt with no qualifications.

Sharing his invaluable advice through a series of free webinars his mission is to support as many new business owners, and small business owners who are feeling stressed, to find their path and provide them with the best chances of success.

The sessions will cover:-

  • When to turn up the heat on your business
  • How to generate new business using what you already have
  • How to go big without going bust
  • How to sustain and maintain growth

Brad is  the Founder of 4Networking, the largest joined up business network in the UK, Author of 4 highest rated and 5* reviewed business books on Amazon and the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker.

He revolutionised the pre-social media networking scene with his 50% social, 50% work concept – a new approach to doing business back then.

A dad of 4, Brad has risen from being depressed, burnt out, almost bankrupt and on benefits to become Britain’s No1 Motivational Speaker and a million pound business owner with over 65,000 followers and his own social media GIFs! He works with the likes of; Costa, ScrewFix, NHS, Bentley, JCB and has shared stages with legends such as Tim Peake. He’s featured in the Top 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs alongside the likes of Richard Branson and Simon Cowell.

Last year, 4Networking was functioning at running over 5000 events every year. Covid threatened his livelihood overnight. Working all hours with his team, Brad revamped his 14 year old offering, launching online networking meetings through 4nonline.biz and blasted on through moving the network meetings, mentoring and motivational events online networking via 4nonline.biz.

Brad is set to host the first FREE webinar on Thursday 24th September at 7pm where he will be sharing his top tips on how to start a business and also how to take your small business to the next level.  To book on please visit: https://www.bradburton.biz/webinars

Of his own experience during Covid he said: “Wow what a year! We’ve all really had to fight to keep our heads above water, financially, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  It’s been a draining few months.  But listen, that’s the past. We survived. The future – that’s where all our focus needs to be. Crisis creates breakthroughs.”

He continues; “I’d love for you to join us for this free webinar, where we will turn up the heat on your business, share ideas on how to generate new business using what you already have, talk about how to go big without going bust and how to sustain and maintain growth post-lockdown.”