July 25, 2024

LUSSO announce launch of new coloured concrete collection

Leading luxury lifestyle brand LUSSO have launched their Colore Collection presented in seven considered shades inspired by travels across the globe, crafted from beautifully coloured concrete.

With shades reflecting the glistening waves of the French Riviera, to the bustling medina of Marrakech, the collection is perfect for making a striking statement centrepiece or colour drenching your space with different textures of a single dominant colour.

Prices for products in the new collection start at £397.

Wayne Spriggs, CEO and founder of LUSSO said: “The beautifully bold, vibrant, and flawlessly crafted Colore Collection is our latest expertly designed collection we are proud to launch. The Colore Collection is unlike anything done before at LUSSO. It’s vibrant, unique, and breaks boundaries, with colours inspired by exotic destinations around the world. Not only are the designs striking but the material offers enduring strength, elegance, and durability for your bathroom.”

About the material 

As a durable and timeless material, concrete is a favourable choice for bathrooms. Highly resistant to scratches and stains, concrete is easy to maintain and clean, making it a leading material in commercial and residential bathrooms. Concrete is an extremely versatile material, meaning that its adaptability allows it to be cast into many shapes and sizes.

LUSSO’s range is crafted from fair faced aggregate-based concrete, which combines geological materials such as crushed stone, gravel and sand with environmentally friendly natural minerals.


The Colore Collection is available in seven striking colourways across basins, baths, and countertops – making it simple to make a bold statement in your bathroom.


A soft powder pink, inspired by the annual bloom of the sakura, forever etched into Japan’s culture and tradition. Style with – brushed gold, rose gold, or matte white.


A warm natural hue, inspired by the ancient material seen across the world. From the historic streets of Athens to the rooftops of Lisbon. Style with – brushed gold or aged bronze.


A bright golden hue, inspired by memories of the medina, where senses come alive with the vibrant spices of Marrakech. Style with – brushed gold or aged bronze.


A natural shade of grey, inspired by transient waves on the rocky coastlines of the Scottish Highlands. Style with – matte black or gunmetal.


A calming green, inspired by exotic getaways to the Indian Ocean, where crystal clear waters shimmer in the evening sun. Style with – brushed gold, matte black, or matte white.


A striking blue, inspired by summers well spent in the South of France, where the rolling waves meet the vivid blue sky. Style with – matte white or brushed gold.


A shade of golden brown, inspired by windswept dunes at sunset, overlooking the oasis of Dubai. Style with – brushed gold or aged bronze.

Browse LUSSO’s Colore Collection online here.