June 19, 2024

7 Ways to Achieve Backyard Comfort All Summer Long

As summer approaches, the desire to spend time in the garden relaxing with a book and a refreshing drink is more tempting than ever. That means you probably like your outdoor spaces to be comfortable and welcoming, too. There are many ways to transform your backyard into a haven for tranquillity and rest during the warmer months. Together, we’ll look at eight strategies, including some shading solutions and cooling amenities, to achieve backyard comfort all summer long.

1. Shade Structures

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about spending time in the backyard during the summer season is where one should find nice and cool shade. There are many options available, you can choose from a simple garden umbrella to pergolas and retractable awnings, whatever fits your budget and needs. Using a type of shading structure provides the necessary relief from the scorching summer sun. There is an additional benefit besides protecting you from the sun (using shade structures doesn’t mean you should forget to apply your sunscreen every 2 hours) they also create a cooler and more comfortable outdoor environment. You can also use natural pergolas, planting fast-growing vines such as wisteria or jasmine around pergolas, adding beauty and fragrance to your outdoor space. Take in mind that it takes some time to grow, but we think it’s worth it, there is nothing more cool than natural shade.

2. Cooling Fans

During the summer, outdoor cooling fans are another effective way to circulate air and lower the ambient temperature in your backyard if the area you live in gets very hot. There are many varieties on the market you can select fans with adjustable speeds and built-in misting systems. The placement of ceiling fans or freestanding fans that are weather-resistant is very important. The optimal scenario is to place them in seating areas, dining areas, or covered porches to promote air circulation.

3. Outdoor Misting Systems

Yes, we are continuing to write about how to lower the temperature in your backyard. If you achieve a pleasant temperature, the rest is a piece of cake. Misting systems are another great way to do so. They release a fine mist of water into the air, causing the ambient temperature to drop by several degrees. You can easily operate misting nozzles by connecting them to a water source and a timer or control system for easy operation on your patio, pergola, or outdoor seating area. To achieve the perfect balance of cooling comfort and water conservation, you can also adjust the misting intensity and schedule to suit your preferences.

4. Comfortable Seating

After we did everything possible to lower the temperature, it’s time for the more enjoyable part of the preparation of your backyard for the summer, and yes, we are talking about the design part of the seating area. Choose garden furniture with removable cushions or removable cushion cases so you can store and wash them when necessary. If you have a suitable place for hammocks, consider them too. Using additional plush outdoor pillows, throws, and seat cushions in colours and patterns that highlight and give character to your backyard can enhance your seating area’s visual appeal and comfort. To store all of the above during rainy days or out of season, you can easily use built-in storage benches or ottomans to keep outdoor cushions and accessories organised and easily accessible.

5. Outdoor Dining Area

A backyard with an outdoor dining area is the ultimate flex if your space allows it. You can create a welcoming outdoor dining area for weekend BBQs or late-night dinners with friends and family during the summer months. When you choose a dining set, look for material that is weather-resistant, such materials are aluminium, resin wicker and teak, so it can withstand both the rainiest and the sunniest days. Neither rain nor sun should damage or fade it. To give the dining set you and your guests more protection and comfort from the hot summer weather, place the dining area under a pergola or in a shaded area.

6. Outdoor Lighting

So, what’s next on our list? The lighting, of course. What type of lighting you choose and where you place it can completely transform your backyard. The possibilities are endless! The key areas to be lit are the pathway guiding you to your dining area, the dining area itself and maybe some plants and trees, just go give a little glimpse of what you can see during the day. And about the lighting choices, you can use solar-powered lights that reduce your carbon footprint or energy-efficient LED fixtures that can be adjusted for brightness and colour.

7. Refreshing Amenities

Providing instant relief from the summer heat can be achieved by designing your backyard with refreshing amenities like a swimming pool or other water features. Water is the key element in this point, it gives you an instant feeling of cooling. The pool creates a central point for outdoor entertainment and recreation while offering a refreshing escape to cool off and exercise. In the absence of a pool, decorative fountains, ponds, or waterfalls can add a calming element to your backyard paradise, masking unwanted sounds from traffic and neighbours and creating a peaceful atmosphere. Including these amenities in your backyard design will turn it into a comfortable, cool retreat for the whole summer.

Final Thoughts

You can keep your backyard cool all summer long if you have the right shade, cooling, seating, dining, lighting, and refreshing amenities. Use even a few of these seven strategies to enjoy your garden and escape the summer heat. Whether you’re lounging in the shade, dining under the stars, or taking a refreshing dip in your pool, summer is the perfect time to enjoy your backyard oasis with family and friends. Build lasting memories in your backyard oasis. And the best part? If you’re unsure about how to design your backyard to achieve the perfect cool retreat, you can always call on professional landscapers and designers who can help bring your vision to life.