May 23, 2024

How a Top 1-to-1 Tutor Can Transform Your Child’s Education

Lisa Giet, founder and CEO of Telios Tutors Ltd, a leading private tutoring agency in London, has helped thousands of students achieve exceptional and transformative results.

She shares how working with a top 1-to-1 online tutor can have a significant impact on your child’s academic results and inner confidence.

1 to 1 vs 1 to 30 In The Classroom

In a classroom dynamic, the ratio between teacher to student can be around 1 to 30 children on average.  Sometimes, those who may be performing below the national average may feel reserved and shy away from putting their hand up and asking for help.

If the teacher can address the child personally, there may be other children waiting to receive assistance. The knowledge gap widens over time as the teacher has to move on with teaching the curriculum and this is how usually students start falling behind.

Although independent schools usually have a smaller teacher-to-student ratio, the principle is the same.

Higher-performing students according to the national average, may not be stretched to their potential in the school setting, which can limit their progress.

Home-Educated Children

For home schoolers, having a 1-to-1 tutor can relieve parents from the task of formal teaching, if this is what is preferred. Many parents wish to hire a tutor to teach their children as the dynamics between parent and child may not necessarily be best practice, according to many parents whose children are home-educated.

A 1-to-1 tutor can significantly impact a child’s learning experience that is unique to their learning journey. Not all tutors are equal though, and so the most suitable tutor for your child may depend on what you value most.

Some desire tutors who are more assertive with a set structure. Some may worry about their children feeling overwhelmed and prefer a softer approach. When reaching out to a private tutoring agency, communicate what is important to you so this can be sought out.

Personalised Support Based On Your Child’s Needs

Every student is a unique individual so working with a 1 to 1 tutor can create a safe space for the child to ask questions and address any challenges they may be facing academically.

When selecting the right tutor, there are factors for consideration; teaching experience, the ability to lead, compatibility in personality, core values and practical availability are some of the main ones.

In my years of overseeing Telios Tutors, I have found that the best results in private tuition come from adopting a holistic overview. One that considers a child’s starting point both mentally and academically, as well as the level of willingness and determination to remain consistent with the course to create a compound effect over a period of time.

A good tutor should be able to deliver lessons in a way that is captivating for your child, as opposed to simply regurgitating information. The content has to be relayed in a way that is engaging and arouses curiosity, which is especially important in the case of working with young people.

Interaction, and little check-ins to ensure the student’s attention is maintained and content is understood, are essential.

Personalised Progress Review 

Periodic assessments throughout tuition give us tangible results and we have found this to be one of the best ways to measure progress. Just going by how a child may be feeling or how tuition appears to be going is a good start but numerical values give us an objective insight and indication as to how effectively a child is progressing.

A good 1 to 1 tutor should provide you with personalised assessments and write regular reports to track results and potentially ‘forecast’ with a good level of predictability and accuracy as to how a child may perform in their exams and going forward.

The Inner Transformation That Comes From 1-to-1 Support

The development in academic competence, not to mention the inner confidence that is often directly correlated, can open so many opportunities for students.

What I have found is, when a 1 to 1 tutor authentically edifies and praises a student, it can do wonders for their self-belief and self-esteem. This conditioning can have a very positive effect on the way a student shows up mentally. This is often transferred into the classroom and wider contexts.

We’ve worked with children who initially required special intervention, as well as those with learning difficulties who have made remarkable progress with our tutors.

Ambitious high achievers who want to take their education to the next level can also be significantly impacted by working with a 1-to-1 tutor. A good tutor should be able to see and unearth potential lead you to towards higher goals and suggest ideas that you may not have considered. Working with a tutor who is an expert in their field, can help anticipate and guide the road ahead which can save an enormous amount of time and effort figuring it all out yourself.

The Compound Effect of Combined and Consistent Efforts 

Whatever the starting point is, working with a 1 to 1 tutor can offer a personalised learning experience and help meet your academic goals. For those who are preparing for examinations such as the 11+, GCSE and A Level, we have helped thousands of students achieve exceptional results. The students who often get the best out of tutoring are those who come in with a coachable attitude and consistency in commitment to the course.

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