April 20, 2024

Nearly half of businesses may lack sufficient data backups

Nearly half (48 per cent) of businesses may lack the necessary backup measures to prevent catastrophic data losses, according to new research from Fasthosts released ahead of World Backup Day on 31st March.

In a digital era where data is the most valuable commodity on the planet, businesses must take note. This is further underlined by recent and high-profile data catastrophes such as Pixar’s Toy Story 2 nightmare, GitLab’s data deletion mishap and the unfortunate data loss in Ohio counties. These stark reminders highlight the perilous journey data can take without the safety net of robust backups.

Whether it’s an animator’s accidental command wiping out months of work on a blockbuster movie, a system administrator’s mistaken deletion of live production data, or an IT company’s oversight leading to the loss of critical county records, the consequences are both harrowing and illuminating.

Data loss doesn’t just pause operations. It can spell the end for some, while for others it becomes a costly saga of data theft, reputational damage and missed opportunities.

Justin Bateman, Senior Product Manager at Fasthosts, said, “It’s incredibly worrying that half of organisations may lack the necessary backup measures to prevent a data crisis. It’s a bit like half of drivers on roads having no insurance. With this year’s World Backup Day pledge calling for businesses and individuals to safeguard their important documents, we understand that just one small oversight or hiccup can unleash chaos.

“As we’ve seen with the recent IT outage at Sainsbury’s, even a tiny software update can result in an organisation grinding to a halt. Most data loss incidents don’t have a happy ending. For businesses with existing backup measures, they should ensure these are activated and efficient, and for those without, this is the time to invest in securing their information before it’s too late.”