June 19, 2024

Addressing the gender gap in the workplace flexibility talk

As Women’s Entrepreneurship Day approaches on November 19th, Brand Champions are taking a stand against the gender gap in workplace flexibility. Founder Fiona Wylie was inspired to start her company after experiencing the challenges of returning to work following maternity leave. Her journey led to establishing a new business model, dedicated to championing flexibility for individuals returning to work after career gaps.

It is important to acknowledge that the need for workplace flexibility is not limited to women. However, it is a sad reality that women often get an unbalanced share of caregiving responsibilities, due to persistent gender bias. Research with over 2,000 workers and 503 hiring managers commissioned by LinkedIn found 52% of women say a lack of flexibility at work has pushed them to leave or consider leaving a job. A survey by Brand Champions have also revealed that 61% of females think there is a lack of support and understanding surrounding women’s health issues, and 52% of their respondents said women’s health issues have increased their stress levels at work.

Discussing workplace flexibility involves various factors, from gender bias, to mental health issues and generational gaps. Brand Champions is dedicated to tackling these aspects building an inclusive environment through flexibility. “We understand the challenges individuals face when returning to work, whether it’s due to maternity leave, paternity leave, or other reasons, and we are here to support them in their journey”.

The company’s commitment to flexibility extends beyond their internal practices; it’s also an important part of their services. Their unique “SOS” offering enables companies to access flexible support promptly, tailored to their specific needs and duration. “Just as one size doesn’t fit all in ways of working, marketing support should be equally adaptable and customised to meet the evolving demands of our clients”, says Fiona.

With nimble and adaptable marketing support, five years of operational excellence, and a team boasting a cumulative 200 years of client-side experience specialising in the Travel and Pharmaceutical sectors, Brand Champions is uniquely positioned to disrupt traditional ways of working and tackle complex marketing challenges, whilst fuelling brands for growth.