June 19, 2024

If you want to know what makes your buyers tick when it comes to your car dealership, then you need the right analytics tools in place.

The right software from an expert call tracking company can make a significant difference in monitoring, understanding, and most importantly – boosting your number of buyers.

Here are some of the many ways call tracking software can achieve this…

Pinpoint what’s hooking your buyers

With call tracking software, you can find out the specific areas of your marketing that drive calls and purchases, which can be invaluable.

Each customer call can be traced through specific activities the customer visited before, during, and after the interaction. This can create a bigger picture of which campaigns are generating the most conversions and purchases.

This can then be transferred into data-driven strategies for boosting buyers in the right areas of your marketing. An example could be to find the most successful channels and focus your new campaigns here to maximise your purchase rate.

Refine your operations

Call tracking can also help you refine your operations so leads are identified and handled in the most suitable way to spur a purchase.

As a customer, a missed call can be detrimental to a purchase. Likewise, if you’re fed through several loops and referrals before speaking to the right person for your enquiry.

The software provides missed call alerts, voicemail boxes, and even whispered announcements for the marketing source a customer came from, for example.

This can help you ensure every customer has the most enjoyable experience when contacting your dealership, and is promptly directed to the right salesperson to secure a purchase.

Discover and utilise your main enquiries

Speech analytics is an excellent feature of call tracking and can help you both identify and address your customers’ main enquiries.

You can spot important keywords mentioned in call conversations to highlight the main needs and pain points of your potential buyers.

For example, you might be constantly receiving enquiries about your prices, the specific cars you have on offer, or the delivery times of your vehicles – these being the most frequent questions dealers are asked.

Using this, you can address these points in your new campaigns, so customers have all the information they need to make a purchase hassle-free.

Stay in control of your strategies

Call tracking is also important for helping you stay in full control of your strategies.

The detailed insights and reports will show you exactly how each campaign performs once implemented.

You can look at the visitor-to-call ratio (VCR) as a benchmark for performance with each activity. This compares the number of website visits to the number of calls generated by each campaign.

This can help you know how valuable a campaign is at driving calls and providing opportunities for purchase.

Looking through this lens, you’ll always know where to improve, remove, or adjust your strategies to maximise purchases.

If driving leads and sales is important to your dealership, then call tracking should be too.

Start dissecting the true value of your marketing when it comes to your buyers, and you’ll begin to see a wide range of opportunities for increasing your purchases with data-driven strategies.