May 23, 2024

Abuse survivor granted Think Active funds for the support of local female survivors

Over £9,000 has been awarded to Midlands-based community interest company She Beasts by physical activity charity Think Active. The funding will be used to help improve the wellness of female abuse survivors in the Solihull area.

She Beasts will be rolling out 12 weeks of wellness workshops focusing on movement, mindset, nutrition and building healthy habits. The females attending will be provided with a safe space and the opportunity to begin their journey towards a complete lifestyle change, by harnessing their true power.
Those attending the session will include females living in refuges, supported living facilities and qualifying young people affected by domestic abuse. After completion, attendees will be able to choose to become an apprentice with She Beasts or connected businesses in varied industries.

“The opportunity to deliver this program is a real honour for us. The goal is to help as many females as we can, and I’m inspired by all the females I meet daily,” comments Sadie Jones, founder of She Beasts.

Terri Walsh – pictured above – is currently completing a marketing apprenticeship with She Beasts following the completion of the program and is reaping the benefits.

“The whole process and opportunity She Beasts has given me feels surreal. In June of 2023, I’ll have worked for She Beasts for nearly 2 years, and my educational qualifications provided by She Beasts will be complete by January 2024.

“When a person has experienced trauma, it’s common for them to feel unworthy even though they are. The right kind of support can be all we need to realise our true potential. Opportunities like this rarely happen, but She Beasts are offering them to women and helping them to take that first step up their ladder.

“As a mother who aims to influence my daughter positively, I now have the tools and support from She Beasts to achieve my goals,” comments Terri.

She Beasts’ mission is all about creating a community of females who are empowered and inspired by each other, which is exactly what these wellness workshops aim to do.

She Beasts is a multi-award nominated enterprise like no other, empowering females through movement, mindset, and nutrition coaching by harnessing the power they already possess.

We are excited to announce the launch of the “EmpowerHer: Healing through the strength” program, a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to provide women who have been through traumatic experiences with the necessary tool to rebuild their lives and emerge stronger then ever before.The program focuses on three core pillars – fitness, nutrition and mindset – as transferable skills that can profoundly impact the healing and growth journey of survivors.

Services are available on a one-to-one and group basis running general female wellness locally around the West Midlands. The give-back scheme means 25 % of all profits are reinvested into impact programs. Find out more information here or email directly to