August 5, 2022

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Top-Rated Digital Marketing Agency Partner With Shaping Portsmouth

Delivered Social is Guildford’s most rated digital marketing agency, offering services in everything from SEO to web design and influencer marketing.

They will soon be unveiling their brand new office based in the seaside city of Portsmouth.

On their mission to grow and contribute to the bigger picture, Delivered Social has always worked to take part in community initiatives and go above and beyond their call of duty. With the imminent opening of their new office, they already have some loyal clients and contacts based by the sea.

To branch out even further, the team have been reaching out to local organisations to see how we can get involved in a similar way to their community work in Guildford.

As a result, the digital marketing agency is now partnered with Shaping Portsmouth.

The organisation facilitates growth and inclusivity across the city. There are many programmes set up by their part-time staff and volunteers that manage business, education and community aspects of life in Portsmouth ensuring it is on track to be one of the best places to work and live.

Delivered Social’s Regional Director, Terence has plenty of connections in the city and holds it particularly close to his heart. 

He commented on their recent partnership: “We are extremely proud to become partners with Shaping Portsmouth. We’ve followed them for many years and this proves our commitment to work closely with this community and help businesses thrive as we believe we have done in Guildford.”

Stef Nienaltowski, CEO of Shaping Portsmouth has said “Jonathan and Terence share the values and vision we have for the City, and they and their wonderful organisation will play a central part in the future growth and prosperity of Portsmouth.”


Shaping Portsmouth is extremely focussed on supplying better opportunities for young people and opening up the world ahead of them. Through apprenticeships, skill building, employability and plenty more, they have implemented ways of bringing new forms of education to those who need it. 

Delivered Social have also always supported the experience of young people in the industry – offering work experience and pairing with local colleges to make the creative and digital worlds more accessible.


Another area of focus is assisting Start-Ups and ensuring the diverse market is catered for and supported in the city. Not only supporting the employers and organisations themselves but the employees within them too.

This greatly reflects the values of Delivered Social as they have always strived to be the marketing agency small businesses didn’t think they could afford. 


From Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) days to the Green charity initiative and setting up Guildford Kitchen and The Guildford App – Delivered Social has certainly become a local name around the town.

Shaping Portsmouth also helps Portsmouth citizens to give back and create a welcoming, supporting community. Not only do they encourage the Armed Forces Covenant which Delivered Social recently signed, but they actively support veterans, carers and other locals to live their best lives in the city.

This partnership promises to shed light on some amazing opportunities in Portsmouth and will no doubt continue to push the potential the city holds.