July 3, 2022

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Lyons Steals the Recycling Show

THE multi-million-pound expansion of a family-run scrap metal business has resulted in the launch of a 14-acre plant next to an historic landmark.

Delyn Metals, originally located in Gwespyr, are now celebrating the launch of their 14-acre scrap yard in Talacre which is set to recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The grand opening of the new processing facility comes after a decade of planning applications and revisions as part of a multi-million-pound revamp at the former Point of Air Colliery in Talacre.

The 35-year-old scrap metal business has worked alongside dozens of local companies since its inception in 1987, and owners Joseph and Geoff Lyons Mound said they are “delighted” the new plant can now cater for commercial and domestic customers.

As of spring this year, the public can now recycle their scrap metal at the Talacre-based site with the promise that each piece of scrap is “meticulously sorted to ensure we recycle every last gram.”

Joseph Lyons Mound, company director said: “This is huge news for the area, and we’re proud of how this family-run business has grown from strength to strength from a small hillside location to a huge 14-acre site at one of the most well-known industrial grounds in the area.

“We see this new site as a forging of future foundations, where the old meets the new, and where two steadfast and historic industries of the North Wales coast mesh together. It’s about revolutionizing North Wales’s industrial heritage to match new demands and environmental needs. It feels as though we’re recycling Flintshire’s landscape.”

This expansion has resulted in a handful of employment opportunities at the Talacre site, with a call out for drivers and operators of the multi-million-pound machinery. Employees of Delyn Metals will also be able to enjoy the benefits that the Lyons Group offer, such as subsidised holidays and menus, discounted gym memberships, discount at local attractions as well as on-the-job training and development opportunities.

It’s the Lyons Mounds brothers’ prerogative to pay homage to the former oil liquefication point at Talacre by ramping up the amount of scrap metal processed and recycled on-site.

According to Marek, manager of the new site, the plant location currently processes 25 tonnes of scrap metal per hour, averaging around 1,000 tonnes per month.

Describing the process, he said: “We recycle all sorts of metal, copper, aluminium, brass, lead, steel, even nickel alloys, electrical cables, catalytic converters and car batteries.

“People can now bring in their stuff from home if they’ve had a garage clear out or are selling machinery or gardening tools, or even if they’re getting rid of things like metal railings or fences.

“The public can now call in with no appointment required, head over to the weighbridge where we use calibrated digital scales, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The full amount is then paid straight into their bank account on the same day, and our competitive prices are our way of incentivising people to recycle wisely and minimise on waste.”

The scrap is inserted by a 360-grabber into a non-ferrous metal separator, then processed with a shredder into transportable and manageable loads. The treated product is then sent for recycling to a local construction company, or recycled on-site into roofing sheets, suitable for farms or sheds, and available to purchase from the site.

Joseph said: “The investment and expansion in this site demonstrates how the Lyons Group isn’t just about holidays and caravans, but about innovation, investing in the local area, and supporting recycling initiatives which are essential in a Net-Zero-ambitious world.

“We love the local landscape and while our holiday parks bring in tourism and footfall, Delyn Metals is about putting North Wales on the map as eco-industrial leaders.”

Find out more at www.delynmetals.co.uk or email jobs@lyonsholidayparks.co.uk to discover more about available positions.