November 27, 2021

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Preact Unveils the Future of Course Management for an Increasingly Distributed Workforce

Preact is reinventing the way training providers manage bookings and track workflows with a secure, inexpensive cloud solution built on one of the most trusted platforms in the world.

Course Manager, powered by the Microsoft Cloud, enables training providers to move away from outdated and complicated processes to intelligent automation that simplifies the management of customers, sales, courses and communication.

Building on the Microsoft Power Platform means customer data is secure by design – crucial in a world where workforces are increasingly distributed. It also means that training providers can use the solution to manage their courses then switch to Microsoft Teams to deliver them remotely.

Some of the key features of Course Manager include:

  • Manage and schedule courses while removing repetitive and long processes. Speed up the process of creating courses by using fully customizable course templates, processes to streamline session/delegate/attendance records/certificate creation.
  • Provide simple and rapid booking of delegates onto courses with flexibility to create a payment schedule.
  • Centralised storage for Trainers, Course Catalogue, Delegates, Price Books and Customers.
  • Financial control over courses and allowing users to review profitability.
  • Native connection the wider Microsoft Cloud platform.


Paul Rutter, Head of Product Management at Preact, said: “The last two years has solidified the need to work collaboratively.

“Organisations traditionally used to working in central spreadsheets have found themselves having copies of the spreadsheets emailed between each other, promoting multiple versions of the truth.

“Course manager seeks to remove duplication and streamline processes, by providing a distributed team with a consistent view of their business.

“The last two years have accelerated digital transformation, however the biggest risk to that transformation is now cyber security because of the highly distributed remote workforce. This is of particular importance in the training provider world, as they’re dealing with large volumes of personally identifiable information for their delegates.

“By building Course Manager on the Microsoft Power Platform, we are building within one of the most trusted cloud environments in the world. Customer’s data is secure by design using technologies that are traditionally expected to be outside of the reach of typical SMBs.

“Course Manager is designed specifically for SMBs that are looking to move away from Excel spreadsheets or legacy applications that are no longer fit for purpose, to an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution covering course management, delegates, resources, venues and bookings.”

With data being the driving force of businesses of the future, Course Manager allows an organisation’s data to be held centrally and securely, while enabling it to flow freely to the people that need it to perform their job.

Paul added: “By combining Course Manager with other areas of the Microsoft platform, even the smallest of training providers can build their own intelligent computing platform, on which to drive their business forward using both retrospective and predictive analytics of key business metrics.

“With many years’ experience implementing and supporting solutions for training organisations, Preact can help modernise their processes to meet the day-to-day challenges they face.

“Whether an organisation delivers in-house events, workshops, seminars or other course types, Course Manager will adapt to fit its processes.”

Preact is a Microsoft Gold Partner committed to helping SMBs transform their processes and realise actionable data insights to boost business performance.

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