September 24, 2021

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Environment is Top Priority For UK Corporate Sustainability Measures

A new study conducted by the leading B2B software comparison website found that 74% of UK small companies invest in sustainability measures supporting environmental causes.

Capterra, the leading B2B software comparison website, has revealed during a recent study that 74% of small companies in the UK invest in sustainability measures supporting environmental causes such as using sustainable materials and adopting clean energy. However, the reasons why businesses choose to invest is not necessarily because of concerns for the environment.

Due to the increasing awareness among consumers and extensive media coverage on climate change, it should come as no surprise that businesses are taking sustainability issues seriously.  However, it appears that their sustainability efforts are more for the benefit of the business rather than actual concern for the environment, with 41% of managers saying that one of the main reasons companies invest is to save money. 35% of respondents admitted to concerns about the company’s image in the public eye as a reason for investing in sustainability. 

Many companies see sustainability as an investment opportunity that hopes to see future returns. 31% of the respondents cited the difficulty in measuring success as a major downside to investing in sustainability measures. More than half (52%) of companies have found that tracking customer satisfaction is an effective way of measuring the performance of their sustainability initiatives. 

Notably, the pandemic has had a positive influence on companies’ sustainability efforts. 16% of managers that responded to the survey had no sustainability measures in place before the start of the pandemic. More than one-third of companies (36%) have even increased their efforts that were already in place before the pandemic. 

Sonia Navarrete, senior content analyst at Capterra UK comments:

“The results of the survey indicate that UK companies invest in sustainability for practical reasons —like saving money and energy— but sometimes avoid doing so because the costs seem too high.

However, out of those companies that do invest say that saving money is a major benefit, but tracking the impact of sustainability investments is an ongoing challenge. 

Sustainability software can help businesses with tracking, reporting on, and especially communicating sustainability initiatives— both internally and externally.”

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Study Methodology

To collect the data for this report, we conducted an online survey in July and August 2021. Of the total respondents, we were able to identify 434 UK respondents that fit within our criteria:

  • UK resident
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Full-time or part-time employed
  • In a management/executive position (manager or owner)
  • Work in an SMB (with 2-250 employers) 

In this report, we mainly focus on the results of the respondents who have sustainable measures in place (323 respondents).