May 23, 2024

Mum launches podcast to encourage other mums to start businesses

A BUSINESS owner has started a podcast to inspire busy mums to start ventures of their own.

Hannah Roper, who runs The Female Creative – a coaching company that helps people turn their side hustles into fully-fledged enterprises, has just launched her new podcast, The Female Creative Talks.

In the 10-episode season, she chats to women from across different lifestyle and professional backgrounds about how they came to start their business.

The purpose is to showcase relatable stories of how people got into business, to show listeners that anyone is capable of starting a business.

She said: ‘There are lots of podcasts, YouTube channels and content out there that focus on wildly successful women, who have come from a very similar background and are now making thousands and appear to be smashing it, but sometimes that seems a little out of reach for busy mums, making them believe that they are less likely to achieve the same.

‘I wanted to interview women who haven’t had it easy, have possibly fallen into business, don’t have business degrees or business backgrounds and have built up their businesses while working full-time or being busy mums. This way, the listeners, who are potentially in similar positions as them, feel like they can really relate and that what these women have accomplished in their businesses is also achievable for them.

‘The podcast is full of real, genuine stories about women who have taken a leap of faith, sharing their highs and lows of business, showing that it’s not all plain sailing and it’s not all about £10k months and Clubhouse talks.’

Mum Hannah has already interviewed guests from as far as Australia and America, with some having large social media followings.

There will also be bonus episodes, with Hannah giving her top business tips away for free, such as advice on email marketing, mindset coaching and social media tips.

She said: ‘Hopefully this will encourage and inspire more people to start something of their own. Anyone can be a businesswoman; this is just a little something to help you gain a bit of knowledge from people who have been through it.’

It is available on all major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and on