May 13, 2021

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The Main Types of Air Conditioning Systems You Should Consider for Your Commercial Space

If you have a commercial property and you are thinking of installing an air conditioning system to benefit both your workers and customers, you have plenty of options from which to choose. But this wide variety of options can quickly make your decision more difficult because they all come with various components and features that can distract you from your sole purpose: to benefit from a comfortable temperature in your workplace or commercial establishment year-round. So what should you know about the types of air conditioning systems you can consider for your commercial space? More than this, what are their main benefits and features that should influence your final decision? Here’s your guide.

The three primary categories

There may be different variations, but most air conditioning systems can fall into three primary categories: single split-type systems, multiple-split systems, and VRV/VRF systems.

  1. Single split-type systems

The single-split type system is one of the most popular systems used for commercial air conditioning, as they are not as costly as other systems. In many cases, they are also the most ideal solution offered for smaller commercial spaces like cafes and restaurants and small workplaces since they can offer both heating and cooling options for individual spaces or rooms. The system will have both an indoor and outdoor component, and the outdoor component will contain the condenser coil, expansion coil, and compressor. You can install this outdoor component near or directly on the external wall of the area where you will install the indoor unit.

One benefit of the single split-type system is that the process of installation is easier since it only requires tubing and electrical wiring. You can take advantage of split-type commercial air condition solutions from Sub Cool FM, a commercial air conditioning company that’s already well-respected in the industry, but you have to make sure that the single split-type system is best for your needs. If you have a larger space to cool, you may be better off choosing multiple-split systems, which we will discuss more below.

  1. Multiple split-type systems

Multiple split-type systems have almost the same functionality as single split-type systems, but the indoor components won’t need the same number of outdoor units – instead, you can connect several indoor components to one single large unit outdoors. This system often uses inverter technology, which means that the compressor will perform at various speeds. Most systems will also have sensors, and these sensors can detect tiny temperature changes and make adjustments as necessary. Multiple split-type systems are suitable for larger spaces, shops, and buildings that have several floors or numerous walls.

  1. VRV/VRF systems

These systems are often a very efficient option for properties of a medium to large size, such as a hotel or mixed-used structure. You can benefit from two kinds of VRV/VRF systems, namely heat recovery and heat pump systems. The heat pump system can offer both cooling and heating, but not at the same time, and this feature makes it ideal for open-plan spaces. The heat recovery system, meanwhile, offers both cooling and heating simultaneously to different areas, making it perfect for buildings with individual areas or rooms.

VRV/VRF systems are flexible because you can link several outdoor units together so you can enhance the system capacity, and it is also quite sophisticated since you have complete control over your indoor environment as well.