May 13, 2021

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New financial planning practice opens in the South

Ian Batterbee, who was formerly co-owner of Better Financial Planning, has opened a Hampshire division of national financial planning firm, Sterling and Law.

Ian, who has 32 years’ experience in finance and ran the practice in Bishops Waltham, brings together a team of experienced financial advisors at the new division in Fareham.

The team, which has a combined experience of over 50 years, specialises in areas across the financial planning sector, including inheritance tax planning, pensions and investments, retirement planning and mortgages and equity release.

The ethos of the new practice is to make things as simple-to-understand as possible, avoiding jargon and ensuring its clients have transparency throughout the process.

Ian said: ‘Lots of financial advisors will bombard their clients with heavy jargon, which can lead to confusion and can potentially impact the decision-making process – as well as the client feeling overwhelmed and potentially put off. Our aim is to translate everything to our clients in a way that they can fully understand and digest.’

It has services, such as its Lifetime Cashflow plan, which enable people with varying degrees of wealth to access financial advice.

Senior advisor, George Rashbrook, who has been a financial advisor since 2005, said: ‘We’re keen to debunk the myth that financial advisors are only available to the people with significant wealth.

‘There currently is an advice gap within financial planning, meaning that the majority of people who have access to advice are better off than those who don’t. We believe everyone needs to plan for the future financially, everyone has career, family and financial goals and we want everyone to have the resources to reach those.’

George is an expert in pensions with a specialism in final salary schemes.

The Fareham office is run by Lauren Hudson, who ensures the firm runs smoothly and is the first point of contact within the Hampshire division.

The firm offers services including personal and business protection and estate and wealth planning.