June 14, 2024

Dad who set up business to spend more time with daughter celebrates successful first year

A DAD has made a success of the first year of his business after setting it up to allow him to spend more time with his daughter.

Stuart Radcliffe, from Southsea, launched his company, Wintercomms, in March 2020, to allow him to have a better work-life balance and spend more time with his then two-year-old daughter, Winter Rose.

A year on, business is booming and Stuart is helping other Portsmouth businesses grow.

32-year-old Stuart said: ‘I started the business so I could be there for Winter and see her grow. I wanted to do all of the things you do as a parent. I wanted to be able to take her to nursery and school, make her dinner, put her to bed and all of the other dad duties, without having to be committed to a desk from nine until five, commuting and missing those good bits. 

‘Starting the business means I have been able to spend more time with her and be a dad, which is the best job in the world. 

‘I’ve worked hard to ensure the business has grown and the first year has gone further than I thought possible.’

The firm provides services such as business mobile phone contracts, call diversion services and paperless solutions for SMEs.

Its most popular option, though, is virtual office solutions, which allows people to use their mobile phone to take and make calls through a landline phone number.

It has proved popular with start-ups, which want an extra level of professionalism in their business without having a permanent office or landline and companies which have employees working from home as it allows the staff to use their mobiles to take work calls while keeping their privacy.

Stu said: ‘Just putting these things in place can give a business an established image and local customer interest overnight.’

Stuart, who previously worked in telecoms for nine years, has picked up over 45 clients throughout the year and has grown the business organically through word-of-mouth and says virtual networking has been a key part in its growth.

He said: ‘Having set up in early March, I needed to adapt quickly to the changes in the marketplace and I believe people buy from good people, so networking is a key strategy for me.

‘It wasn’t long before I adapted though and realised there was an opportunity to help businesses through my services. Culture changes are a key part to employee happiness and business success and people are embracing smarter technology, which is good for our business.

‘Zoom has really helped me grow the business with virtual networking playing a huge part in the success of the first year. I’ve met people from across the UK and even internationally, which has helped my business go from a small local business to a national business.’