May 23, 2024

Entrust Empowers Trusted Electronic Documents with New Digital Signing Automation Service

Cloud-based signing service from Entrust generates high-assurance digital seals, enhancing trust in digital documents for organizations and their customers

Entrust a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection, has announced its new Signing Automation Service, a cloud-based digital signing service that enables public and private sector organizations to create tamper-proof electronic documents.

The service connects to a company’s document application or document workflow system and automatically generates trusted digital seals for many electronic documents, establishing a verifiable cryptographic bond between the company’s legal entity and its electronic documents.​ This helps keep control and ownership of assets and intellectual property as well as providing peace-of-mind for customers receiving those documents.

Digital seals, alternatively known as corporate signatures or business signatures, are applied to electronic documents in order to prevent their content from any further editing. By applying a digital seal to an electronic document, the verified identity of the organization is included, and the document cannot be edited without breaking the seal and thus invalidating the signature. Together, these guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the sealed document, thereby helping reduce fraud and cut down on administration costs. Furthermore, by integrating into your existing document workflows – such as those from iText and Sysmosoft – this service provides a transparent process that is based on the established digital signing standards and protocols.

“Trust comes in different forms, and document and signature authenticity is a foundational one. As businesses undergo their digital transformation, the need for verifiable, tamper-proof digital documents increases, and this evolution has been accelerated by the global pandemic,” said Jay Schiavo, vice president of certificate services and markets at Entrust. “Delivered via a subscription model, the Entrust Signing Automation Service will provide the technology and expertise to maintain the signing service for company seals.

The Signing Automation Service leverages proven Entrust technology and expertise in digital certificates, signing, authentication and hardware security modules. This provides a high assurance foundation for digital signing for organizations, ensuring the integrity of bills, invoices, and communications.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the need for verifiable, tamper-proof digital documents that carry the originator’s company name,” added Frederic Mauger, partner and co-founder at Sysmosoft. “By switching to digital seals for all trusted documents, companies can do away with the outdated rubber stamps while maintaining authenticity and integrity for their customers and partners.” ​

“PDF is the de-facto format for a huge range of documents we share today, including many that need to be treated as trusted such as bank statements, diplomas, quotes, invoices, receipts, company performance reports, legal documents and many others. Being able to both verify the source of the document, and that it has not been edited or tampered with brings crucial peace of mind,” explained Raf Hens, CTO at iText. “This is a need which we have seen increase exponentially over the last year, in all industries across the entire globe. Today, more and more enterprises are embracing open-source solutions such as iText which they can explore, test and verify if the certification and verification works accurately. We are pleased we can, and will continue to, support them with our leading technology.”