July 20, 2024

Bradfords Bakers sees 350% growth during lockdown

Bradfords Bakers is a small, family-owned gift company which has seen growth of 350% since the beginning of lockdowns last year.

The family-owned company, headed by fourth-generation Bradford Claire and her husband James, employs a small staff of ten. The company was founded in 1924 and once occupied several bakers across Glasgow but moved online after being hit hard by 2008’s recession.

Since moving online, the company has been able to expand their customer base past Glasgow, now delivering hand-decorated cupcakes and hampers all over the UK and beyond. Bradfords Bakers produces traditional hampers full of cheeses, wines, and other treats, as well as cupcake gift sets. All business and baking is conducted in one bakery near Glasgow.

Lockdown and travel restrictions dramatically heightened the need for gifts that can be delivered directly to their recipient’s home. Early last year, the bakery became inundated with these orders. At the time, the staff comprised of only five people, so this was doubled and the bakery rose to the challenge to fulfil all of the orders it was receiving.

While many businesses across the UK have grappled with furloughing and even letting staff members go, Bradfords Bakers is thrilled to have taken more staff on instead to assist with the demand the company has been experiencing.

The bakery experienced extremely high levels of demand particularly over the Christmas period, which resulted in Bradfords Bakers resigning to turn away £150k of business as they simply could not get a hold of the stock needed to fulfil it.

The ten members of staff at Bradfords Bakers maintain bubbles in their own separate areas onsite. They also wear masks all day, sanitise often and wipe down communal surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes after use.

These measures work not only to keep the staff safe and able to work, but it also contributes to maintaining the level of quality customers can expect to receive when ordering Bradfords Bakers cupcakes. Each cupcake is hand decorated by confectioners to ensure each one looks unique.

When buying with Bradfords Bakers, customers can have their goods delivered next working day if ordered before 4pm or can book in up to three months advance to ensure a delivery slot for a special day.

The bakers also fill larger orders from employers looking to express gratitude to their staff over holidays like Christmas. Bradfords Bakers supplied hampers for 150 Linn Audio employees as the company wished to thank their staff for their efforts in working from home.

The bakery is currently busy with orders for Valentine’s Day and expects lots of demand for Mother’s Day too. Owners Claire and James hope to remain busy for the rest of the year, even when lockdowns end, and restrictions are lifted.

To buy gifts for your own loved ones, visit Bradfords Bakers’ website here: https://www.bradfordsbakers.com/