May 26, 2024

New Forest firm expands team after significant growth, creating local job opportunities

A Telemarketing company is expanding its team after experiencing significant growth in a short time.

Your Lead Machine, based in the New Forest, was launched in June 2018 by brothers Kaush and Drew Patel.

Since then, the duo has built a successful business and are now planning to grow their existing team by recruiting talented people throughout 2021, creating job opportunities in the local area.

They’re looking to employ telemarketing executives who are keen to grow and develop their skills on the job.

Kaush and Drew keep their team motivated by offering a new and unique culture in the workplace, as well as incentives.

Kaush said: ‘Lots of people in this line of work live month-to-month, using their bonuses to splurge on the next best designer item, but we want to inspire our team to work towards bigger things, like putting down a deposit for a mortgage or investing their money.

‘Our work environment is important for us, because when people enjoy the environment, they’re in, they’re more motivated to work harder and will therefore reap the benefits. After all we spend most of our lives at work.’

The 24-year-old said one of the things that has led to the firm’s success is ditching the hierarchy and treating employees of all levels with respect and integrity. in the same way.

He said: ‘We’re different from other companies like us in that we don’t like to have a hierarchy within our team, we’ll be on the phones with our staff and do the same things they do. We move forward as a team.’

Kaush and Drew believe that striking a real relationship with clients and listening to their needs has been key.

Kaush said: ‘When it comes to our clients, we’re always 100 per cent honest with them. We’ll tell them if telemarketing is not the best fit. We have a great network who we can refer to help in situations we feel we can’t, these are also top local marketing firms.

‘We actually care about our clients and getting them a return on investment. We want to strike a real relationship with them and continue to help them grow their business.’