December 3, 2023


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Nutrition company launches online fitness and wellbeing campaign with local PTs

A COMPANY that specialises in nutritional pre-prepared meals has launched a campaign on its social media to help keep people fit and healthy throughout lockdown.

Hampshire-based Prepped has just kicked off its PT with Prepped campaign, which will see personal trainers from throughout the Portsmouth offer online workouts.

Each PT will take over its Instagram page for a whole day, hosting a live workout, as well as answering questions about health and wellbeing and offering free advice.

George Purnell, who founded Prepped in 2020, set it up as he felt people could use a healthy distraction from the stress of lockdown, as well as access to expert advice on how to stay well, both mentally and physically.

He said: ‘The winter months are hard enough for a lot of people without being in lockdown, so understandably a lot of people are struggling.

‘For many, exercising is a way to release endorphins and feel good. It has become some people’s coping mechanism.

‘With gyms closed and a lot of online home workout regimes now being paid-for, we thought we’d start something to give people home workouts and expert advice on health and wellbeing for free.

‘We also felt it was important to help promote local personal trainers and fitness instructors as most of them are now unable to work in the traditional sense.’

The workouts will come in many different forms, from high-intensity interval training, to shorter workouts for beginners, to yoga and Pilates and more.

There will be takeovers twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the campaign will run for the foreseeable future.

George, 28 said: ‘We wanted to run them twice-weekly, so people didn’t feel too pressured to complete lots of workouts and feel overwhelmed and give up. Instead, we want to make people feel like they have an attainable goal every week that is still a fair amount of exercise and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

‘Regardless of whether people are in the later stages of their fitness and wellbeing journeys or if they’re just starting out, our timetable suits everyone.’

The first class is on Thursday, January 21 at 8am.

Some of the personal trainers hosting takeover days include Portsmouth-based Chris Wright and Melissa Day.