May 26, 2024

Business growth agency waives setup fee on growth marketing package

Business growth agency, GRO.TEAM, is waiving its setup fee for all new companies that sign up to their ‘growth hacking marketing starter package’ for a February 1 start.

The package comprises a number of ‘growth hacking’ elements, including:

  • Creating an SEO optimised taxonomy | site structure.
  • On page SEO optimisations.
  • Creating new SEO optimised content.
  • Creating and submitting sitemaps.
  • Website conversion rate optimisations.
  • Tools and plugins implementation as necessary.
  • Google My Business set up and review collection.
  • Measure → Act → Measuring growth hacking ideas.
  • Monthly reports of progress and plans.

In addition to the starter fee being waived, the marketing package is offered on a rolling monthly contract basis, meaning no long-term commitment is required. The package is available to all organisations, regardless of size or sector, with all budgets catered for.

GRO.TEAM’s previous clients include Amazon, Compare the Market, Red Bull, BMW and Rolex.

Rorie Devine, from the GRO.TEAM founding team, said: “To growth hack is to take a different approach. The usual Sales, Marketing, Product, Technology and Operations silos are broken down and a cross-functional and holistic approach is taken to move the needle on one very carefully chosen growth metric. If the benefits of a growth idea massively outweigh the costs and/or time to implement it then we are growth hacking.

“If you’re aiming for a boost in 2021 then now is the perfect time to sign up and take your business to the next level.”

GRO.TEAM client Dharmash Mistry, from Blow Ltd mobile beauty services, said: “GRO.TEAM have been absolutely essential in helping us make smart, fast and pragmatic decisions, from the product development and shipping process to projects such as local SEO optimisation. Their portfolio of experts are practical, results-orientated and thoroughly recommended.”