December 3, 2023


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PeopleGoal Social Graph unlocks visibility of true team dynamics in industry-first development

– Industry-first tool enables complete, multi-dimensional visibility of team networks and employee relationships

– New tool supports measurement of relationship dynamics within high performing teams

25 January 2021 – Bristol, UK: PeopleGoal, the agile HR app engine for SMEs, today announces the release of its ‘PeopleGoal Social Graph’ – an industry-first HR tool that captures team dynamics and relationships at work, providing a complete view of how teams – and the people within them – are working together.

The Social Graph is the latest in a series of product innovations from PeopleGoal – an HR app store that helps scaling businesses (50 to 400 employees) to engage and develop their people across the entire employee life-cycle.

Derived from the company’s workflow app engine, PeopleGoal’s Social Graph works by capturing forms as they move across processes. The tool then identifies the network interactions within these workflows, presenting them in two primary dimensions: relationships and teams.

By capturing the inner workings of modern teams across pre-defined relationships –  employee to manager(s), employee to project manager(s), and even employee to counsellor(s) and mentor(s) – the Social Graph provides an holistic, multi-dimensional view of the relationship dynamics at play within specific teams and between individual employees.

On top of this, the new tool can also help to identify company subject matter experts by better understanding how they are connected to different organisational networks – a feature designed to support cross-functional knowledge sharing and drive ongoing business value.

Commenting on the new release, PeopleGoal Founder & CEO, Nikolaos Lygkonis, said: “The PeopleGoal Social Graph is something we’ve been thinking about for a long time. Linear line management – whereby one employee reports to one manager – is becoming increasingly rare yet until now, there hasn’t been an HR tool that can provide a complete view of today’s modern – and multifaceted – relationship structures.

Lygkonis continued: “The move to remote work served to reduce workforce visibility even more and that’s created an even greater need for a tool that can capture a team’s true dynamics for the purposes of improved people experiences and business performance. More than ever, HR and business leaders need a deep understanding of what is happening within their organisational networks – from large teams right down to an individual employee level. That depth of understanding is exactly what we’ve created with PeopleGoal’s Social Graph.”

Expanding on the long-term benefits to business, James Strickland, Founder and CTO at PeopleGoal, added: “The real beauty with our Social Graph is that it unlocks increasing value over time as regular reports and tracking changes not only identify when new networks have been established, but also tie these back to specific projects. The tool is also highly scalable which makes it a strong fit for fast-growth companies.”

PeopleGoal’s Social Graph is immediately available to customers via the company’s version 2.0 platform – an innovative HR app store that offers complete no-code customisation.