May 23, 2024

E-Commerce Entrepreneur and Multi-million-pound Businesses Owner Gifting Others a ‘Leg Up’ 

A 29 year old from South Yorkshire who started his business in his garage just 5 years ago, and now is the owner of two multi-million-pound businesses has proven that in times of struggle, entrepreneurs stick together as he has turned Covid on its head for several thousand small business owners with his generosity, this month adding a further £10K contribution to his gifting.

Nicky Story, from Mexborough is the CEO of Supplies For Candles and The Soap Kitchen – b2b businesses that sit behind the success of thousands of others an online supplier of candle and soap making ingredients to a growing craft industry and last week he awarded Rotherham-based, Kirsty Glover the proud owner of The Pouring House, £10K worth of business start up support – the value of what it had cost him to set up his business, whilst juggling his previous job.

Nicky said; 2020 has been a really hard year for a lot of people and I wanted to do my bit to help. So, I decided to do a £10K giveaway to help others build their business. We received hundreds of applications and it was so difficult to choose one winner, but Kirstys story in particular stood out from the crowd.

A relatively new family-run, small business based in Aston, creating luxury soy wax melts since earlier this year Kirsty’s business was born in lockdown whilst she was furloughed. Initially started as a hobby selling to family and friends, the business has now broken into the wider market, something she didn’t anticipate having originally established it simply as a distraction from Covid and a release from dealing with her health challenges, as she is currently in remission from Cancer.

Run from her kitchen at home Kirsty told us that she would love to work with Nicky on this amazing venture as she has seen how he has built his own business and would love to follow in his footsteps.

As the CEO of Supplies For Candles and The Soap Kitchen – online suppliers of candle and soap making ingredients to a growing craft industry, Nicky is at the helm of the largest online company in Europe within the industry, and as such has helped thousands of others become successful entrepreneurs too including; Ava May Aromas loved by many celebs including cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch.

Nicky was joined by Hannah Chapman the owner Ava May Aromas as they both made a surprise visit to Kirstys doorstep to let her know she was the winner:

Kirstys £10K prize includes; website update and bespoke branding package,  £5000 worth of start-up stock, a brand new laptop, label printer and camera, dedicated 1 to 1 business mentoring session with Nicky and business start-up plan.

Kirsty said: “Im still in shock – stuff like this doesnt happen to people like me and its just going to be life changing.  This started as a way to keep busy and it got a bit bigger than we expected. I cant explain to you what it means.

Hannah Chapman from Ava May Aromas will be supporting Kirsty with her brand and marketing strategies, she said; When I found out that Supplies for Candles were doing this amazing giveaway, I wanted to get involved and to give back to the winner, share my advice, tips and hopefully help them grow their brand as well.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Supplies for Candles gave free soap to local residents to help combat local shortages and also gave away £100,000-worth of candle making kits and business start-up support to people who have been financially affected by the pandemic, and over 2,000 people have gone on to set up new businesses who Nicky’s team continue to support on a regular basis.  As well as gifting Kirsty the start up kit and now the £10K investment, Nicky and the team also handed out another prize, as they were touched by so many of the stories they received and couldn’t just choose one.

Nicky explained why this activity was so important to him; “I know how hard it is to get a business off the ground and have failed before I succeeded – but I also know how empowering it is to be the master of your own ship. These individuals who are not letting the current situation affect their goals and who have gone on to become their own bosses taking charge of their own destiny, are the ones who are driving the economy forward and I have huge respect for them all. Anything I can do to support them, as someone who if a few steps further in my journey feels good to me.”

“I worked another job saving up all of my money ready to launch my business, but now that’s successful I wanted to give back and give someone the opportunity to start their own business without the need for having to work long hours all whilst trying to get off the ground.”

Supplies for Candles has doubled in size over the last 2 months and invested over £150,000 into its premises, and further acquisition plans in place promise continued growth into 2021.