April 21, 2024

Hong Kong Company Launches 64Hydro Tumblers Product For Day-Long Cold Drinks

64Hydro Company Limited is pleased to announce dozens of additions to its line of drinkware, including tumblers, insulated water bottles, water tracker bottles, and more. The newest product is explained as 64Hydro Tumblers – Keep your drinks icy cold for the whole day.

The unique design is inspired by contemporary art and carefully crafted by 64Hydro artists. A personalized tumbler will definitely be a perfect match for any customer or gift recipient. Personalized tumblers show the user’s own personality with the highest possible quality.

With a tumbler from 64Hydro – Happiness in every sip is the standard.

The design keeps drinks ice cold for a full 24 hours easily, thanks to the triple insulation technology. Each 64Hydro tumbler has insulation layers, which are vacuum-sealed, double-walled, and copper-coated insulation, which helps keep drinks hot for as long as twelve hours and icy-cold for up to 24 hours. The tumbler is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel, known for its purity and strength. The food-grade tumbler will not rust, break, transfer, or retain flavors. Unlike other tumblers, these tumblers provide a clean, non-metallic taste.

The tumbler can be carried anywhere with no worries. Each tumbler comes with a flip lead, which is free of BPA to avoid any accidental spills. A comfortable drinking experience and the assurance of a smooth flow of liquid while drinking comes from the anti-glug hole design. The copper wall layer creates a condensation-free exterior that won’t leave annoying condensation on hands or in a bag. Healthy sipping is assured by the BPA-free tumblers manufactured without toxic materials or phthalates. All tumblers and accessories such as lids and bases are top-rack dishwasher-safe.

The line of tumblers includes themed offerings around the Halloween festivities, as well as many personalized options picturing pet images, such as various dog breeds. Customers can find representations of butterflies, flowers, flags, mandalas, and many other ideas in the online catalog and website.

Additional information about the company and the product line is available at https://www.64hydro.com/