July 21, 2024

South and Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce rebrands as Chambers Wales with renewed focus on services to support Welsh business

The South and Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce is today rebranding as Chambers Wales with a renewed laser focus on supporting the changing needs of Welsh business.

As a result of a lengthy strategic review and taking into account the current economic climate, the organisation has brought together a team of industry experts with the know-how to help Welsh businesses grow, both nationally and internationally.

The organisation now focuses its service offering and efforts on helping businesses to recover, rebuild and grow in a post pandemic recession with changing global trade relationships.

With international trade experts making up part of that team, Chambers Wales is able to provide members with a trade network to any market in the world, as well has having the political clout to lobby both Welsh and UK Governments on issues that matter to Welsh business.

Well respected globally for being the ‘go to’ organisation for trading overseas, Chambers Wales has access to over 50 offices in the UK, 60 Chambers of Commerce across the world, and has already helped its members export goods to 119 countries across the globe in the past year.

The organisation covers 80% of Wales and is also well known for its industry leading events and training courses, having delivered these to over 2,500 participants in the past 12 months.

Paul Slevin, President, Chambers Wales, said: “The changes we are announcing today are momentous; they are the biggest shift in private sector support for business seen in many years. That’s because the challenges ahead are momentous. Welsh businesses need different support right now, so we have adapted to meet these needs.

“Frankly, it’s all about growing business, it’s about helping business to get into new markets and find opportunities to increase their productivity and profit. Chambers Wales is totally focussed on helping Welsh businesses navigate the choppy waters ahead.”

Heather Myers, CEO, Chambers Wales, said: “We know the marketplace in Wales and we understand the fast moving and changing global and political landscapes.  We understand what businesses need to do to grow and we influence governments to support this through appropriate policy.

“We are a Welsh SME and face the same challenges as every other business. Businesses don’t have time to hunt around for answers, that’s why have upgraded our solutions to make them more relevant and offer greater value. We are here to smooth supply chains, reduce cashflow risks, save time and save money.

“Businesses needs agility, expertise, information and strong connections locally, nationally and internationally. This is what Chambers Wales is passionate about delivering.”

Visit: https://chamberswales.com/