May 23, 2024

Egencia commits to building business traveler confidence with new risk management solution

Today, Egencia®, business travel management from Expedia Group™, launches Egencia Travel Advisor. This risk management enhancement provides on-demand access to alerts and advisories, such as changes to travel restrictions and self-quarantine policies that are rapidly evolving in every country. Integrated directly into the travel booking process, Travel Advisor gives travelers immediate access to alerts and advisories, so they can make confident choices about their travel plans and proactively prepare to travel.

The travel advisories will also help inform travel managers as they make critical business decisions to adjust policies in response to the loosening or tightening of in-country restrictions. Together with Egencia Traveler Tracker, which helps identify the location of travelers by city, country, region or an area on a global map, organizations can now quickly identify travelers who may be impacted by an unforeseen event based on their itinerary data, contact them immediately via email, push an emergency message to the mobile app and be reassured that the message was received via read receipts.

“As the ground routinely shifts for travel managers, travel advisories are table stakes. Egencia is taking a fundamentally different approach to supporting our customers’ risk management and their work to restore business travelers’ sense of wellbeing,” said Sergio Fierens, Senior Director, Technology at Egencia. “Travelers want to be confident in their travel decisions.  Egencia delivered a first-of-its-kind duty of care solution that contextually personalizes advisories, so travelers see the essential information they need without sacrificing their shopping experience.”

Travel Advisor provides guidance on entry restrictions and health documentation travelers need when arriving into a country, as well as the hygiene standards of their chosen hotel, car, air or rail provider. Having this essential information while booking a trip plays a key role in rebuilding the confidence of travelers and companies needing to get back to travel to support their business.

To further support travel managers as they navigate uncertainty, Egencia is also providing travel managers a business travel trend visualization tool.  Built using monthly global travel booking data and available to all travel managers, including those who are not Egencia customers, this tool helps travel managers make data-driven decisions about their return to business travel strategy. Travel managers can explore monthly corporate booking trends in a specific country or industry sector to understand how similar organizations are restarting their business travel programs, equipping them for conversations with their C-suite.

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