May 26, 2024

Is Recurring Revenue the Answer for Entrepreneurs and Businesses to Make More Money?

Is Recurring Revenue the Answer for Entrepreneurs and Businesses to Making Millions This Year? Business and Passive Income Coach, Lisa Johnson definitely thinks so – over 90% of her 7 figure+ income comes from recurring revenue streams and last month, she made an incredible £1million in 24 hours!

Lisa said; “A couple of years ago, I was doing pretty well with getting clients in both of my businesses, but I wasn’t earning the kind of money that I’d always wanted to! The problem was, I had no way of taking on more clients because I was already doing too much as it was. I had hit an income ceiling but no time to take on more clients.

“I started to get fed up with trading time for money. I then started learning a lot about recurring revenue. I went through the usual worries – what would I even do a course, membership or programme on? Why would people buy from me? Did I even know enough about anything to make it work? But I loved the idea of waking up to more money in the bank than the night before so I learned everything I could and went for it!

“JUST A YEAR LATER… and I no longer had to take 1-1 clients – when I do it’s because I love the project and the client rather than because I need the money. Over 90% of my 7 figure+ income comes from recurring revenue streams and I have so much more freedom to spend time with my family – I now spend 2 months every Summer and the whole of December travelling with my kids (unless a pandemic stops me!)”

Lisa helps other entrepreneurs to change the way they work, offering them the tools to create passive income and reduce their working hours. She continues; “There was nobody who would just tell me what to do – I was having to study what they were doing from the outside and read every book I could get my hands on until I made it work for me. And then I felt like I was only buying parts of the jigsaw puzzle – a programme on audience building, another on content and another on launching!

Lisa is an action taker. She is a risk taker. She rides on adrenaline and being challenged. She is not afraid to talk about money, in fact she encourages it  – these are all elements that have contributed to her fast path to a million. Lisa advocates the benefits of being bold and actively helps other women fight against the hurdles they put in their own way around being seen, getting visible and owning their own space.

Now, hundreds of Lisa’s clients achieve astronomical results and transformations through her one to one coaching, passive income courses and in her thriving memberships. Lisa has also helped people who don’t have a business initially, for example she has helped mums and students make money from turning their passions into businesses such as; fitness, parenting and cooking.

**5 Steps to Consider When Generating Your Own Recurring Revenue **

  • Your Big Idea –  It all starts with this. Working out what your recurring revenue idea could be, what has worked in the past and why even those that think they have nothing to offer, always do! If you have knowledge that others want, you can sell it.
  • You – What are you sharing? What is your story? Think about what your audience would like to hear? What do they want to read? What do they want to know? Don’t bombard them with messages… carefully craft your copy, content and story.
  • Your Audience – How can you grow your audience? Consider who your audience is, where are they, where can you find them.  It’s also important to nurture your audience. Keep them engaged, make sure they become superfans.
  • Your Offer – What could go into your course, membership or programme and how to break things down in a way that sells.
  • Your Tech and Team – How will you deliver? Research the best tools and tech to deliver your courses, memberships or programmes – it’s important to choose the best product out there for you and know the basics of how to use it. It’s also important to bring experts in to help you deliver – coach, copywriter, tech expert, social media manager, PR… you don’t have to do this alone.

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