May 23, 2024

Recordsure announces collaboration with Microsoft to transform client and adviser experiences

Recordsure has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate the transformation of both the client and adviser experience within financial services and similar regulated industries.

“This is a crucial period for the market and the perfect time to announce our agreement with Microsoft,” explains Joe Norburn, CEO at Recordsure. “There is an irony in financial services right now: firms need advanced RegTech solutions to deal with the challenges forced on them by the pandemic, yet the disruption also makes it a difficult time for them to innovate. By partnering with Microsoft, we seek to bridge this gap and make our solutions more readily accessible to those that will benefit from increased digitisation.”

Recordsure’s proprietary speech and document analytics platform provides pioneering analytics and automation solutions to financial services organisations and regulated sectors.

Already available through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the collaboration with Microsoft will allow Recordsure to integrate with other Microsoft platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365. Recordsure has a unique insight into the demands of compliance processes within financial services and has developed machine-learning and RPA technology to drive improved efficiency, reduced risk and better culture.

Janet Jones, Head of Industry Strategy (UK Financial Services) at Microsoft Corporation says “As many financial firms adjust to increased customer demand particularly via digital channels, Recordsure offers new options to help organizations when it comes to compliance and risk management. As a result, companies can reshape their approach resulting in improved customer outcomes and transparency in the market.”