April 20, 2024

Lightico weeks away from new scientific proof of their Covid killing technology

Yorkshire based Lightico is weeks away from research to further prove its patented lights – CleanLight – can kill SARS-CoV 2 – the virus that causes Covid 19.

And Lightico’s Managing Director Mark Garrett is confident that Lightico’s CleanLight is going to be key to helping the hospitality industry to keep going during these hugely difficult times.

Mark explained: “CleanLight is proven to kill over 80% of far more robust pathogens than the Corona Virus. However, UK-based field trials and lab tests are underway to specifically prove that the product is effective against the Corona Virus – with results due imminently.

“CleanLight uses LED lighting panels that harness the power of Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) to clean the air of microbes, toxins and odours.

“Our Ti02 coated LED lighting panels generate photocatalytic oxidation which neutralises airborne pathogens in a 7.5m2 area. Thus, instantly creating an anti-microbial, anti-toxin, and anti-odour zone.

“The science bit is hugely clever and we’re thrilled to be first to the market with CleanLight, however it’s actually a really simple product to install and we’re confident will be an integral part in the fight against Covid.

“You install the light as you would any other lighting system, then, whilst they are on, they are killing the viruses and bacteria in the air – including Sars-Cov-2.”

Lightico’s Inventor Paul Reynard has developed this unique, exciting and first to the market product.

Paul explains: “About 10 years ago I had a product prototype that a Chinese firm were interested in so, on the back of this, I moved to China and started working with the firm.

“They specialised in LED light technology. Mostly – which was key at the time – how to save energy by taking traditional light sources and finding ways to incorporate LED lights.

“During this time I started researching other ways to incorporate LED technology into existing light based products.”

Paul took a UV based lighting system – invented in the 1960’s and used by NASA to clean the air in the 1970’s – and found a way to improve it and make it work with the visible spectrum emitted from LED lights, thus making it safe to be used when people were in the room and CLEANLIGHT was born.

CLEANLIGHT  uses light that is harmless to humans to excite titanium dioxide. This process then kills the bacteria and virus’ in the air.

With the technology in place across China, including in their health service, Paul brought his invention home to the UK with the sole intention of getting it in front of the NHS.

Paul explained: “I had seen my invention work in China and it was thrilling. I knew if I could get in front of the right people it could mean great things for the UK and other countries too. This was 2016 – a very different time to this year – and MRSA was, and still is, a huge threat to patients in hospitals. I started trying to get in front of the right people but kept hitting brick walls.”

A supremely talented scientist and inventor of a proven bug killing product Paul didn’t know how to get his invention into the UK market.

That’s when he partnered with Power on Demand – a lighting design and distribution operation – and they formed Lightico.

Lightico – formed in July this year and based in Leeds, West Yorkshire – is backed by private equity firm Newmore Capital and is charging ahead to add to the existing breadth of evidence with Covid specific research.

Mark picks up the story: “CleanLight is proven to kill over 98% of bacteria and viruses* in the air. This makes it more efficient than other proven solutions like ozone and bleach, and, -unlike ozone and bleach – CleanLight has no side effects for humans.

“ And, whilst that has been enough evidence for some markets to take the product and use it effectively in the fight against Corona. For the UK market we need to prove directly that our product kills the virus that causes Covid 19.

“This week, our Dublin based scientists commence trials to specifically address CleanLight’s impact on virus’ and, more specifically Sars-CoV-2 – the virus that causes Covid 19.

“These results are due by the end of October and we have further field trials in NHS wards in the UK as well as office buildings, supermarkets and hospitality venues in the pipeline.”

It’s an exciting but hugely frustrating time for Paul, Mark and the Lightico team.

Mark explained: “We know these lights work. We have seen the science, read the research and seen the results. We know that the addition of these lights into pubs, restaurants, schools,  hospitals and public spaces will help us as a country defeat Covid 19 and we are working tirelessly to ensure we have all of the proof and are in front of the right people to make this happen.”