July 21, 2024

Launch of C-19 Business Toolkit from Thomson Screening

Thomson Screening is launching its new C-19 Business Toolkit this week; a new, unique online subscription service for SMEs.

The C-19 Business Toolkit is designed to ensure you’re always informed, up-to-date and able to plan, then work effectively around COVID-19.

The Toolkit has been developed by a team of doctors from MA Health, plus business experts to ensure that you are fully informed, up-to-date and armed with the tools to enable you to run your business and allow your staff to do their jobs safely.

The service sorts the facts from the fake news and is constantly updated with the latest government and scientific information, helping you cut through the clutter and get to the facts and information you need to continue to run your business. It also includes live webinars, email support and Q&A sessions with the doctors behind the toolkit.

The toolkit starts with CPD-accredited online training: Coronavirus 101. It delivers a factual understanding of COVID-19; how it is transmitted and the effectiveness of different measures of protection. It also busts some of the many myths currently circulating.

The C-19 Business Toolkit also includes:

  • How to prepare for any COVID-19 eventuality
  • Practical steps to take to protect staff and visitors
  • Markers you will need to use to monitor the situation
  • How to plan for the future of your business in a C-19 world
  • How to develop a C-19 focused communications plan
  • Creating a governance framework within your business
  • How to conduct risk management (for individuals and groups)
  • Specially adapted Risk Assessment Templates
  • How to create action plans for different scenarios
  • Communications plans
  • When and how to review and update your plan
  • Review and assessment of the training and CPD points
  • Access to a curated knowledgebase
  • Regular webinars
  • Email support from, and live Q&A sessions with, the doctors behind the content – where you can ask specific questions directly related to your business.

The online C-19 Business Toolkit is designed to be adaptable for use by any member of staff in any business.

Running a business in the current C-19 world, is no longer about simply following official guidelines. Leadership teams have to interpret the wealth of information available and adapt to local circumstances and environments. C-19 Business Toolkit allows business owners and managers to make informed decisions.

C-19 Business Toolkit has been developed by Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd. Established by City, University of London, the company develops and distributes software for health screening and associated data management. Its two major brands, SchoolScreener and WorkScreener serve global healthcare, education and workplace markets. It has recently launched the C-19 Business Toolkit for SMEs.