July 21, 2024

Collective Benefits – the world’s first benefits platform for self-employed, flexible and independent workers – has joined forces with Gympass to bring an entire suite of wellness benefits to its members.

There are six million self-employed and freelancers in the UK and the gig economy is continuing to grow as flexible working patterns become the choice – or necessity – for an increasing number of workers.

However, freelancing and self-employment carry risks with workers more vulnerable to health and financial upsets without the ‘safety net’ of benefits offered by employers.

“Collective Benefits provides benefits like sick pay, mental health support, accident cover, wellness packages and exclusive perks – all previously inaccessible to the self-employed,” says Anthony Beilin, CEO and co-founder.

“By working directly with on-demand platforms and marketplaces we provide meaningful benefits to self-employed workers and those in charge of flexible workforces making it easier for them to attract, retain and reward their worker communities.”

Collective Benefits reduces the risks and increases the perks for self-employed workers by offering a comprehensive range of financial, physical and mental wellbeing packages. Leading on-demand platforms and their communities of independent workers can choose packages that best suit their budget and needs.

Partnering with Gympass will enable Collective Benefits members to access over 2,000 fitness facilities, alongside a wealth of other services to help promote mental and financial wellbeing, including 1-on-1 online counselling, physical, financial and mental wellness apps, live classes, bespoke programming and virtual one-to-one personal trainer sessions.

A leading provider of corporate wellness solutions, Gympass is very well established with some of the world’s leading corporate employers. By partnering with Collective Benefits, Gympass is able to extend its services to self-employed and freelance workers.

“By their very nature, gig economy and freelance workers have flexible work lifestyles, often doing shifts and long or anti-social hours to fit around their family commitments and ever-changing workload,” says Luke Bullen, CEO Gympass UK & IE.

“Gympass is completely flexible and readily accessible from work and home. Our diverse online wellness platform means there is literally something for everyone,” he says. “We have been looking at the best way to support the gig economy and self-employed workers and we believe Collective Benefits is the ideal partner to help us do this.”

“There is a saying that if you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness,” says Anthony.

“That is difficult for any employee but poses a massive risk to a freelancer or flexible worker who has no safety net to cover time off, healthcare or financial costs. In addition, by not being able to access physical and mental well-being options, self-employed workers are at further risk of a relapse or a continued struggle.

“Collective Benefits sets out to provide access to a range of protections, benefits, and perks normally reserved for big company employees,” continues Anthony. “Now with Gympass on board, we’re able to offer extensive support to our members, with access to the physical activity, mental health support and wellness options to help them to thrive.”