July 25, 2024

Third generation master jeweller taps into tech to make contactless payments easier, safer and faster

This month sees the official launch of a new Yorkshire based business from third generation master jeweller Nigel Townsend – with the assistance of K-pay, a retail brand that’s addressing the needs of our post Covid lives, and our ever growing cashless society.

Launching a range of products that ticks a box in terms of fitting into our changing shopping habits, Nigel – whose business, Townsend Jewellers, has been serving the community for the last 30 years – and alongside his co-founder Fiona Cartwright, the team are proud to see their latest vision come to life in the form of a collection of contactless payment wearables.

Driven by his vision to inspire the next generation of jewellery wearer-  by fusing cutting edge technology with beautiful design – Nigel is on a mission to reclaim jewellery as a valued possession – and bringing tech into the mix is how he anticipates doing this for the younger generations, setting out to make K-pay products our most wearable, useful and coveted possession.

Nigel blend his vast experience of high end jewellery craftsmanship with 5 years of research into the technology to bring K-pay wearables to life.  K-pay consists of both contactless payment jewellery and also the payment platform that the jewellery uses to perform its payment functions and the brand’s clear vision and product – developed over the last five years – is even more relevant in the current climate than it was when the team began work.

Nigel explained: “In post lockdown UK and with the Corona Virus still very much something we are all living with the responsibility is on each of us to reduce contact and also, when shopping, make transactions as safe and fast as possible and that’s exactly what K-pay offers – safer and faster payments, that also look great on your wrist.

“Our vision has always been to blend form and function to create something that people enjoy wearing whilst also making their lives easier. We’re proud that K-pay does that. It looks fantastic on, there are pieces for men, women and also teenagers to enjoy wearing, and wearing K-pay saves you time and makes shopping, commuting and any transaction safer.”

K-pay expects the take up of their products to be broad – from mums juggling shopping bags and babies, to commuters carrying laptop bags and work files, to cyclists going out for the day – the benefit to all is the same – quick, easy payment, straight from your wearable. The other benefit of the K-pay payment service is for budgeting, so it could also be useful for teenagers going to uni, where you can upload pre-paid amounts onto your wearable account,  enabling full control of spending.

For more information see www.k-pay.com