June 19, 2024

Voice Over Artist on a Mission to Save Christmas

Paul J Rose has been providing the voice of Santa Claus on commercials, corporate videos and shopping centre announcements for years. Now, as it’s looking increasingly likely to that Santa won’t be able to visit any grottos this year, he’s on a mission to save Christmas.

Santacallz.com was a website that he set up a few years ago after calling the children of friends and family. Rather than simply ask them what they wanted for Christmas, he had the luxury of already knowing everything about the children in question, and this made the whole experience truly magical.

Fast forward to today, and the entire process simply entails filling out a form and then having a quick chat over the phone to set up all of the details for the call. Then all they have to do is answer the phone and tell their children that there’s someone very special on the line waiting to speak with them.

“The sheer joy from the children is something you can actually feel down the phone,” says Paul. “A typical chat with Santa in a grotto only lasts a couple of minutes and isn’t really magical at all. After all, how come Santa is asking if they’ve been naughty or nice this year? Doesn’t he already know? Kids know that he’s making a list, and he’s checking it twice!”

A call with Santa here tends to average ten minutes, and there’s a bonus for parents too. They may have a Christmas wish of their own – for their children to change something about their behaviour, and when Santa asks them to do it, you’ll be amazed at just how willing they are to comply!

You can find all of the details at www.santacallz.com and spaces are already filling up.