May 23, 2024

 Vizibl, the leading SaaS platform provider in the Supplier Collaboration and Innovation sector, announced today a Phase 1 partnership with multinational pharmaceutical company and leading healthcare provider Sanofi.

As part of the Phase 1 ‘Rapid Deploy’, Sanofi will be utilising Vizibl’s Supplier Collaboration and Innovation solution (SC&I) to enable their Key Supplier Management teams to build more strategic relationships with their top tier suppliers. Sanofi will also be utilising Vizibl to capture continuous improvement and innovation opportunities from a large number of key suppliers who are part of its ongoing supplier nurture programme.

A key benefit of Vizibl’s SC&I product is the ability to see data in real-time, which enables faster decision making, and more transparency and agility. This allows teams to more easily identify the strategic outcomes that matter and empower cross-organisational teams to deliver their best work, no matter where or how they work. Furthermore, the platform streamlines and automates processes, increasing user productivity across the enterprise. This will empower teams within Sanofi to accelerate their growth strategy while balancing the day-to-day needs of the business and end-users.

Phase 1 also includes the roll-out of Vizibl’s Opportunities Module to enable Sanofi to capture innovative ideas and projects from across their supplier ecosystem. This will enable Sanofi to better optimise financial and personnel resources, manage their processes, and align the partner strategy to the execution and delivery of results.

“As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, we are proud to work with Sanofi. In particular, we are looking forward to collaborating with its truly visionary team and implementing a best-in-class SaaS solution that is both simple and effective,” comments Mark Perera, CEO at Vizibl. “In today’s hyper-dynamic environment Vizibl enables Sanofi to bring transparency to its supplier relationships and optimise its strategic versus run-the-business activities to make better investment decisions and deliver outstanding growth and value opportunities. We look forward to changing the world together with Sanofi and cannot wait to see the great results that come out of this relationship for Sanofi’s customers.”

Vizibl allows organisations to work more collaboratively with their supplier and partner ecosystems to build out robust governance and supplier engagement frameworks that underpin an organisations focus to build better and more valuable relationships with suppliers. Vizibl gives transparency into the ongoing cross-organisational complexities around such relationships and transforms how enterprise companies work with their suppliers.