April 20, 2024

Coglode and Spoon announce exclusive UK behavioural science training partnership for businesses and employees

Coglode, the leading behavioural science training company, today announces its first accredited UK partnership with Spoon UK, a behavioural communications agency. Working together will allow each partner to focus on their strengths, with Coglode focusing on the evolution and refinement of the training offer and Spoon focusing on delivering the training to in-house teams, to help upskill and future proof businesses and teams at scale.

Coglode analyses and distils behavioural science research and uses it to give professionals practical behavioural tools and techniques delivered through world-leading training. This is delivered through their behavioural insights library, ‘Nuggets’ – practical cards containing bite-size behavioural insights, and the Coglode Academy – a regular behavioural insights class that individuals can join in person or online. Launched in April 2016, they have worked with individuals and brands such as Spotify, Google and Apple to teach them how to bring behavioural insights into their work. They have also worked with the UK government’s Behavioural Insights Team, who praised and highly recommend the programme.

Forming this partnership will help Coglode have the time and space to focus on finding, distilling and building out its framework of behavioural insights along with brand new case studies, tools and methods that show how to apply them artfully to help people make better decisions.

Spoon UK, the UK arm of the Nordic Spoon Group, specialises in communications consultancy, training, and marketing services. Now as an accredited partner, they will deliver Coglode’s behavioural science workshops to help clients practically benefit from applying behavioural insights to their own business challenges. As Spoon has its own behavioural science expertise in-house, they will also provide bespoke follow-on consultancy to help clients solve specific communications, change and marketing problems through applied behavioural science. This can involve deploying a fully designed, global culture change programme to improve company-wide performance, which can be offered at scale.

Jerome Ribot at Coglode, said: “We’d been looking for a smart partner for a while who could do three things: first, exhibit a strong understanding of the complicated and inter-related nuances that underpin our decision-making; second, to combine these with the critical soft skills around emotional design; and third, be able to apply behavioural change at significant scale in the real world.

In Spoon, we’ve found that partner. Through our many discussions, they’ve shown themselves to be highly articulate, able to handle behavioural contradictions, adopt the mindset of experimentation so vital to effective behaviour change, all with a creative flair that’s crucial in the behaviour change space.”

Shelley Hoppe, Agency Director at Spoon London, said: “We are absolutely delighted about our partnership with Coglode as their training is the best we’ve seen in the market. Having gone through the process ourselves, we are excited to use their tools to help our clients bring behavioural science insights to life throughout their businesses. As an agency, we believe that businesses must begin investing in behavioural science skills or risk being left behind, and our vision is to use our new offering as a behavioural communications consultancy to guide those businesses through that process.”