June 19, 2024

Midlands Tech firm helps business bridge the gap between home and office working

Birmingham-headquartered communications technology company, Intercity Technology, has launched a ‘Direct Calling for Teams’ solution enabling users to make and receive calls from anywhere. Intercity’s option will complement customers’ existing Microsoft Teams platforms and provide a consolidated telephony solution for clients.

As businesses continue to adopt a ‘work from anywhere’ model in response to Covid-19, Intercity’s new solution ensures that customers can continue to have the flexibility of an end-user device with limited set-up requirements.

Intercity has already seen a significant uptick in demand for Direct Calling for Teams and with organisations already signalling the rise in ‘browser talking’ during the lockdown as opposed to traditional telephony services, this trend is expected to continue to rise as companies move to embrace a ‘work-from-anywhere’ model.

Andrew Jackson, CEO of Intercity Technology, commented: “Microsoft Teams has been revolutionary in helping companies adapt to remote working, and will continue to do so as companies continue to evolve in the current global environment. As businesses move to a work-from-anywhere model, which mixes home and office working, we are seeing significant demand for our Direct Calling for Teams solution as organisations integrate traditional and new ways of working, to boost collaboration and productivity.”

The Direct Calling for Teams solution provides an easy-to-use global platform, supporting customers anywhere in the world. The solution also builds on the support and flexibility Intercity has been providing to help businesses adapt new ways of working.

Earlier this year, Intercity rolled-out ‘Touch Technology Rapid’ to help businesses transition their entire workforces to a work-from-home environment at the start of lockdown. This remote working solution enables an even greater degree of flexibility allowing users to collaborate seamlessly with both internal and external audiences in a cost-effective and secure way – both of which are critical in the current environment.

Further information about the Direct Calling for Teams application can be found on the Intercity Technology website: https://www.intercity.technology/direct-calling-for-teams