July 21, 2024

Digital wellbeing organisation to expand as businesses seek online support for employee mental health

Champion Health, a digital wellbeing platform is expanding after receiving an increase in enquiries from businesses wanting to support their employees wellbeing and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Launched by social entrepreneur Harry Bliss, Champion Health helps businesses optimise the health and wellbeing of staff by offering proactive health assessments, data-driven solutions and online mental health training.

The company has seen a surge in enquiries as businesses seek to support their staff using online tools during this uncertain time.

Since March, Champion Health has had 7,000 new individual registrations and over 400 businesses and company sign-ups. This is compared to 1,500 signups the business had at the start of 2020. In April, the company made its online mental health training free in response to the increase in enquiries and the impact that the lockdown period and working from home was having on people’s wellbeing.

Harry Bliss, who founded Champion Health at just 24, said: “We have seen a significant increase in demand since the lockdown in the UK began. Employee wellbeing is now at the forefront of business leaders minds. There has definitely been a shift in attitude towards workplace health in the past 3 months and we can only see the need becoming greater. Businesses have been coming to us specifically seeking online tools and advice to support their employees as they work remotely.   Due to home working, many employers are finding it difficult to spot the warning signs of their team members struggling and may not be equipped with how they can support them.

“With our platform being digital, it has been ideal for organisations to launch whilst remote working is taking place. The platform enables businesses to build wellbeing strategies off the back of real data, which is essential for any organisation to perform at their peak.

We have found an increase in demand when compared to earlier this year, even after we finished the free mental health training offer.”

Champion Health is a resident at the business accelerator, TwinklHive which offers space, investment, and support services to start-ups that are set to make a difference in society. TwinklHive has been home to the company since March but this month also invested in the platform. This will support Champion Health to push ahead with its growth plans by expanding its platform and creating an app.

Paul Berwin, founder of Berwins Solicitors, supported Champion Health throughout the investment process. Paul founded Berwins in 1986 and led the firm to become a leading law firm, before taking the bold step of leading the opening of its Berwins Digital office in 2013.

Twinkl Hive was launched by the global educational publisher Twinkl in 2019. The team at TwinklHive and Twinkl are now using the Champion Health platform to support team members, who are based around the world. This includes offering all team members the online mental health training and asking them to complete a workplace health assessment so a workplace health programme can be created.

Jonathan Seaton, Co-Founder and CEO at Twinkl, said: “Champion Health was founded quite simply, to change and save lives. At Twinkl and TwinklHive, we are, and always will be, mission-driven and we put people at the core of what we do. We were absolutely delighted to be able to offer an investment opportunity to Harry and his team so that they can continue transforming how people view and support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.”

Champion Health has been able to sustainably grow since launching in 2018 by being resourceful and receiving support from health care professionals that recognised the potential of the platform to significantly impact workplace health. This includes General Practitioners and academics who have offered pro bono services to help construct the service.

For more information visit https://championhealth.co.uk/