June 13, 2024

Meet the Young Millionaire Who Is Using His Business Success for Good

22 Year Old Entrepreneur, Javed Khan JKMT went from making pizzas in East London to getting dough in abundance…. and this young millennial self-made millionaire views his success as a blessing that he wants to share.

Self-learning the art of trading whilst at college and working at a pizza chain, Javed has experienced the highs and lows of a risk taking lifestyle which has taken himself out of a hand to mouth existence in Hackney to a dream life globally.

Javed said: “I was desperate to make money so I could help my family and others…” and when the money started to roll in, he stuck to his promise of helping others by allocating a % of his total income every year to those in need.

Drawing from his motivation to build a life for his family, Javed took risks and whilst some of them didn’t pay off, his wise money management led to overall success. When £250 turned into £500, Javed saw the opportunity:  “If I can turn a £250 trading account to £500, I can turn a £2500 account to £5000 and a £25,000 account to £50,000. I was a dreamer like that, and so I stuck to it and disciplined myself.”

For the past couple of years, Javed has dedicated to give back a percentage of his earnings each year to the poor in third world countries – he does this by directly cutting out the middleman to ensure the money gets put to good use, Javed said; “I view my success as a blessing that I want to share. My father and his friends fly out to Bangladesh and go around different villages to hand out supplies. I dedicate 4% of my total income to this work – so, for example, when I made £352k in 2017, 4% of that is just above £14,000.”

Javed has made a commitment to buying food for 100 families every year in third world countries, and has offered extra aid during Covid-19.

Javed loves helping others –  he bought his parents a new home and put his brother and sister through their chosen academies.  He has also just invested in a Care Home, building up his investment portfolio more widely.

To connect with Javed, follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/javed_jkmt/